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Tweeks. Monday the 28th April. A new god. A new dungeon. A massive increase in levels! All at the usual place and time.

Hooters verses a pair of natural D20s

Splurgle, splutter, gurgle, fart. Wake up. Hmmm..., it's kinda late. Er, what?

The Chaotic Caves of the Jontus' Grind - Episode 3. Going Underground

There we were on the side of the ravine wondering what to do next.


The Chaotic Caves of the Jontus' Grind - Episode 2. The Hidden Valley

D&D Next seems to be full of surprises, apart from our mostly human team, to our shock we didn't start the dungeon in tavern... not even taverna, alehouse, gin mill, pub, bar, inn, cocktail lounge, wine bar or restaurant (thanks google) - perhaps our home grown campaigns are getting predictable.

Episode 1

The Chaotic Caves of the Jontus' Grind - Episode 1. Character Creation

There we all were - we had just finished an adventure - sadly not journalled here at it was THtR) (Too Horrible to Recall) - either that or we couldn't be bothered…

Stupid things we've overheard...

Hey, there's dead things under here!

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