Hooters verses a pair of natural D20s


Splurgle, splutter, gurgle, fart. Wake up. Hmmm..., it's kinda late. Er, what?

Hey, where's Rupa? Rupa, herein know as The Traitor Rupa® for reasons which are all too abundantly clear now, but weren't last night when it mattered most, was gone. He'd slipped out in the middle of the night. Flew the coop, he did. POQ'd. Buggered off. Left us for dead. Done a runner. Gonsky.

After our lovely little lie-down in our humble hidden hidey hole, we found that The Traitor Rupa® had cleared off during the night and sent in a pack of killer Orcs to finish us all off and maybe even KILL US ALL!!!!


Our man of the clothe was using Hooters in "see-through" mode, while some of us doing important work like tracking down The Traitor Rupa®.

When all of a sudden things perked up... Zing! Zing! (a pair of arrows)

Hooters cops it! Bad. Twice.

Poof! (a puff of smoke), and Hooters is gone.

We were all hoping to see Hooters bounce back (I mean, who wouldn't?), but alas magical Hooters was no match for a couple of natural D20s.

The owls are not what they seem.


We then had a scuffle with the Orcs. As you do.

Orcs are nasty, smelly critters and apparently of indeterminate size. It might seem odd that we didn't know how large they were considering they had us surrounded and were coming in for the kill, but then again, we are only level 3.

Anyway, we hacked and killed them. As you do.

One of them was called Miles Davis.

Some of the more careless in the party managed to take damage. Just carelessness.

A few copper pieces and a MAGICAL GOLDEN TRUMPET were the only spoils.

On closer inspection, maybe the trumpet wasn't as magical or as golden as we had originally thought. Maybe it really was just a goat horn, after all... nah.

We are Dungeon Mafia Blade Runners

What an exciting and fulfilling day it's been so far!

It can only get better as we set off to hunt down and interrogate our betrayer, The Traitor Rupa®. We wont stop until we catch him. We will never rest. (Well, except for lunch and the requisite number of naps).

We're like Dungeon Mafia Blade Runners only... different.

Yo, onwards... (and don't expect this every session)

Back to The Chaotic Caves of the Jontus' Grind.

Stupid things we've overheard...

This trap only hits one time. Trust me, I'm sure.

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Aristotle, it should be said, has been one of the great misfortunes of the human race.