A tribute to our heroes who died in battle (and those that were stupid).

Note to DM: we're pretty light-on here. Hint, hint!

Hoo Dung

Hoo Dung

Hoo Dung, once lived in the mountains with his master for many years. When his master died Hoo began travelling the world. He has journeyed far and long, learning and fighting, developing his martial skills against opponents of many kinds. He has found that causes are irrelevant. Conflict is where one learns the most about ones' inner self.

Now he's dead!

C'mon you lot, send obituaries via the , we've got a few from the other side so far (guess who)!


Grumbles Killalot

The Half-Orc Barbarian, Grumbles Killalot, a brave and powerful killing machine, was himself killed in battle by a swarm of (drunken) goblins and bugbears. He did his best and mowed down a respectable number of the enemy, but sheer numbers overwhelmed him. He did manage to kept one alive for interrogation. Bummer dude.

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Stupid things we've overheard...

Well, *I* trust our party thief, and if he says this door isn't trapped, that's good enough for me.

Random Quote

Whoever is too stupid to understand astronomical science, I advise him that he mind his own business and scratch in his own dirt patch.