Previous Crew

Here be the “retired” ones.

There’s no need to disturb their “training”.


Dylan, Bard/Sorcerer

Born the only son of moderately well-known musical scholars, Jeremy Dylan St James showed both an insatiable curiosity and an innate talent for magic at a very young age.


Damir Dokic, Ranger

Damir is the twin brother of Lyselle. He loves her dearly and would do anything to protect her. Damir always loved the great outdoors so it was natural that he became a Ranger. Why he particularly likes fish is too long a story to relate and anyway most of it is lost in the mists of time.


Lyselle Dokic, Monk

Lyselle Dokic, Damirs twin and sometime party member had a perfect, dreamy, magical elven sort of childhood filled with loved and endless summer days of dappled sun spent laughing and singing and playing in the forest. This only made it harder for her friends and family to understand why she chose to join the Order of St Cuthbert and deliver his form of Divine and retributive justice to the world.

Norton Bloodstone

Norton Bloodstone, Cleric

Norton was born the only child of Harley Bloodstone and Glittergem Fisurecleave. Often observing his father working in the family blacksmith business, Norton developed a keen interest in the techniques and processes of working and forming metal.


Rumbles Killalot, Blackguard

Rumbles Killalot is the youngest brother in a distinguished family of fighting half-orcs. His natural ability with the axe, his not-so-gentle comportment, and a basic desire to kill has guided his path. He has no truck with niceness.


Mistress Fi-Fi Trixie-Belle Latouche, Acrobat/Assasin

I am not who I say I am, nor am I what I appear to be.

Hoo Dung

Hoo Dung, Monk

Hoo Dung, one lived in the mountains with his master for many years. When his master died Hoo began travelling the world. He has journeyed far and long, learning and fighting, developing his martial skills against opponents of many kinds. He has found that causes are irrelevant. Conflict is where one learns the most about ones' inner self.

Now he's dead!


Hanse Sloughfoot, Entrepreneur

6 of seven children, Hanse always believed in sharing - sharing the work, sharing the food.


Banipal, Monk

We'd better let Banipal speak for himself here.


Mumbles Killalot, Barbarian

Mumbles Killalot is the one of the brothers (he forgets which) from the distinguished family of fighting half-orcs. Like his other brothers he likes to kill things. Life doesn't get any more complicated than that really.


Yuna, Mage

We’d better let Yuna speak for herself here.


Singular Gyrus, Wizard

We think Sing has gone training for a bit. Maybe Hoo could shed more information on this?


Sinjin, Sorcerer

We think Sinjin has gone training too. Maybe Sing or Hoo has more information as to his whereabouts?


Grumbles Killalot, Barbarian

Grumbles is one of the brothers from that distinguished family of fighting half-orcs. He went and got himself dead.

Rupa Vendena

Rupa’s past is none of your damn business!


Melchior’s past is none of your damn business!


Keph’s past is none of your damn business!


Keph’s past is none of your damn business!


Appollodorus’ past is none of your damn business!


Biff ’s past is none of your damn business!


Wrodger’s past is none of your damn business!

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Let's all go in; he wouldn't kill the whole party at once.

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He hoped and prayed that there wasn’t an afterlife. Then he realized there was a contradiction involved here and merely hoped that there wasn’t an afterlife.