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Journal Entry 7 - Messing about in Boats

We set sail, with the Chief (Tulloch) and his trusty mate. Egert, your scribe, was the designated cartographer.

Journal Entry 6 - The Boys are Back in Town

After the fracas at the tavern we met with our Lord the next morning as the clock struck 10. Berta seemed a bit distant, more formal with the bard.

Journal Entry 5 - Krudd Got Drunk

We continued the observation of the Pirates, and prepared a plan to further scouting the base, noting that Willie also has Boot a la Wings.

Journal Entry 4 – Dawn Patrol

We put our carefully laid plan into action. Before dawn Cacofonix set-off to fly towards the plume of smoke seen the previous evening.

Journal Entry 3 – Under Sail

We retired to the Salt and Pepper tavern, and planned arrangements for the night.

Gods of the Grottos

After a long and varied path across the island, through the catacombs and up the escarpment we arrive in the city and enter the cathedral… The timeshards converge here. In the cathedral we enter each of the chappels/grottos dedicated to a god and talk with them, herewith a list…

It's only a Lich

If god didn't want us to play with the lich, then he would have made sure we couldn't open the sarcophagus!

Chapter 5. You Call That a Fireball™, or People in wagons full of Incendiaries shouldn’t cast fireballs™

Ahead by the track were several merchants’ wagons, unsurprised to us; we were taken by ‘surprise’ by more fireballs™!

Chapter 4. The Day After

In the early morning, in the distance we saw large fireball (more fireballs™), Deadwood snuck off to have a look, another party had holed up, and had been attacked.

Chapter 3, Melee Aftermath

We bade farewell to our team mates and expected to meet again for the presentation.

Meet the Crew

Stupid things we've overheard...

I don't understand. It should be dead by now.

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