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Journal Entry 17 - A Good Bard is Hard to Find… or a is a Hard Bard…

We returned back to the Corner Inn. Waiting for us was a woman, she said call me ”Sister”.

Journal Entry 18 - Out of the Jungle

Having decided to leave Port Median and go to the capital, we made preparations.

Journal Entry 16 - Split the Party

With the rest of the assault team we discussed next steps. Most of the group and the rescued townspeople would return on the schooner, so we arranged for our skiff to be towed back.

Journal Entry 15 - Friends with Fiends

The rangers had searched the shed on land, adjacent to the dock. The slaves were from Riverun and had been there for a couple of days.

Journal Entry 14 - Searching, Searching...

Willie continued below decks, he opened a couple of cages, then in the gloom he found two and then another of the pirate rogues with their throats slit. Clearly someone had been busy. A quick search showed they had been stripped, however he did find a &llt;redacted%gt; dagger.

Journal Entry 13 - Pirates, Pirates, Pirates!

We returned to the Lord, and showed him our expertly drawn, scale maps. These included the channels, the witch's hut and the joining up with the dock in the basin. Also marked were the teleport locations.

Journal Entry 12 - Not a witch hunt

After our interaction with the shambling mounds.. we sailed back to the main channel, it was still some 60' wide.

Journal Entry 11 - Timbercutting

We set sail the next morning, in the newly repaired and christened "Dawn Swallow".

Journal Entry 10 - Aftermath

The next day the party surveyed the devastation, Mud shores in particular was badly hit.

Journal Entry 9 - Grilled Seafood to go - Is that Normal or Chicken Salt?

During the night as we sailed downstream, we saw fewer and fewer sharks, and by morning passed none were to be seen. We spent the night mansioning, Cacafonix arranged for some Tender Care® for the hurt Gurner.

Journal Entry 8 - Sharknado

The battle continues…

Journal Entry 7 - Messing about in Boats

We set sail, with the Chief (Tulloch) and his trusty mate. Egert, your scribe, was the designated cartographer.

Journal Entry 6 - The Boys are Back in Town

After the fracas at the tavern we met with our Lord the next morning as the clock struck 10. Berta seemed a bit distant, more formal with the bard.

Journal Entry 5 - Krudd Got Drunk

We continued the observation of the Pirates, and prepared a plan to further scouting the base, noting that Willie also has Boot a la Wings.

Journal Entry 4 – Dawn Patrol

We put our carefully laid plan into action. Before dawn Cacofonix set-off to fly towards the plume of smoke seen the previous evening.

Journal Entry 3 – Under Sail

We retired to the Salt and Pepper tavern, and planned arrangements for the night.

Journal Entry 2 – Men About Town

We decided to meet Lord Mendain to see what he might want of us.

The Mozzie Coasters

Journal Entry 1 – The Mendain Campaign

Following the successful conclusion of our glorious campaign in The Kingdom of Del Aran, we prudently decided not to sojourn in the capital - Del Mara, and head for the south - Del Sud.

… We had to pay a boy to take our bags!

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