The Chaotic Caves of the Jontus' Grind - Episode 1. Character Creation

Episode 1

There we all were - we had just finished an adventure - sadly not journalled here at it was THtR) (Too Horrible to Recall) - either that or we couldn't be bothered…

Anyway we asked the DM - "so what's next?"

God replied "that's right - D&D Next…"

"No what are we doing next?"

After much tooing froing of banter and food we worked out there was a new version of DnD called DnD Next.

We download the material - I read it on my iPad natch, we started to look through it. First impressions -with no drawings and colour and the simple rules it looked like D&D first edition - those were the days - mid 1981 and my 1/2 orc fighter with a charisma of 18 (thanks to a Deck of Many things card…).

Next session we all fronted ready to draw up characters. After the first 2 hours of arguing over the house rules for character stats we started to roll :) We decided on the standard roll 4 dice and discard the lowest result for a set of 6 characteristics.

Looking at the races I chose Human - an obvious choice given the +1 to all rolled stats. From classes I chose a Monk (from the December play test update). I had rolled a monk at towards the end of 3rd (Edition ) era but didn't get to progress him.

So in a party of 4 PCs we had 3 humans (Wizard, Barbarian, Monk) and a halfling Rogue The role of a cleric was happily filled by the return of Thorvald's son (Thorvald Thorvaldson)

Here begins The Chaotic Caves of the Jontus' Grind.

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