The Chaotic Caves of the Jontus' Grind - Episode 3. Going Underground

Going Underground

There we were on the side of the ravine wondering what to do next.

Our Mage (Melchior) sent forth his owlbat to another cave entrance, about 40 feet below the first.

The another cave this one (if I recall) was higher up on the side of the ravine, the bat/owl flew in and immediately hit its head on a cave wall, from what we could see, the cave went further but the creature became disoriented - what trickery is this?

By by now it was getting dark and we saw shadows moving on the valley floor. Time to find some shelter.

We decided to go with the first cave, avoid the zombies and find the room where the owlbat saw the skeletons.

In we went, the cave were dark, as most of the part was human, we couldn't see squat, but perhaps the halfling could, he said yes - mumbling something call 'low light vision' or was it 'dark vision' but after a couple of twists and turns and bumped heads, I think he could see even less than us 'humies'.

We got to a branch in the corridor , headed left towards the Skelton room but heard noises ahead of us - shambling feet, surely this couldn't be the zombies, yes it was.

They were around a bend in the corridor, not sure about heading back the other way we decided to lay in wait and take them on. I armed myself with my light crossbow, the others also prepared.

A turn for the better?

We rolled initiative - this was the first 'Next' I initiative (or was it the next 'first' initiative.)

Anyway we rolled, I rolled a 16 with a couple of bonuses - not bad. Capt'n Krudd rolled the highest, most of us were before the zombies. We saw two of them around the bend, with the sound of others behind.

Krudd charged and hit for 11points and dropping one of the Zs, not bad.

I attacked and also hit - doing 8hps of damage, but the zombie kept marching onwards.

Next Thorvald Thorvaldsen cast aside his weapon and started chanting, demanding the monsters flee or be destroyed - I realized he was attempting to turn them.

This would be a wonder to behold - surely the new improved cleric turn would be better than the one in 4th edition. Alas our dreams, expectations, hoped were dashed. The zombies continued. We found out later Thorvald had only turned (while practicing) undead mice, hamsters and smelly badgers.

Suddenly or was their turn, as Krudd was up front he took their blows, taking some damage but he shrugged it off.

Our Mage was last in the initiative order, gestured his hands - and with reckless abandon cast a spell that generated a massive wave of thunder, felling two zombies, unfortunately Krudd was in direct line of the blast, taking more damage. The Mage said "I am sure he can shrug that one off". Krudd suddenly didn't look too good - Mage - "See this Glaive.. you have a date with it later…"

The combat was intense, Krudd was badly injured, I was also hit, and we were outnumbered by the Zombies - but they were dropping quickly.

The next round game, Krudd retreated backwards, Thorvald cast a quick, handly healing spell on Krudd, he felt much better. I closed in for another attack but missed.

Suddenly it was all over, the last of the Zombies was dead…..

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