Notes from The Hall of Records

You started in the Hall of Records - after a tangle with some skeletons - including ones with 4 arms and fire skeletons.

You searched the library and the reserved section and found ~30 manuscripts - some of which appear quite rare - these are in your chest.

You also opened the box that Diego found and it is a crystal globe - about 6" in diameter, with swirling read smoke or gas, looking carefully you saw an out line of a face screaming.

A check revealed it is a ritual containment vessel. The table was covered in old documents and loose papers. In it you found a number of documents the significant ones are below.

Searching the room you found a trap door (as opposed to a trapped door) and went down into it. Below this you found a hidden from with another letter addressed to Ulferth from Baelard. From here there was a spiral staircase going downwards.

Here you found a larger room lit in blue light, a bronze pot hung from the centre of the room. Opposite is a human skeleton lying on a thin mattress. The body is covered in a disintegrating silk tunic and has a scroll tube. The tube contains the 3rd (and final) letter by Baelard.



Baelard's first letter

Since Ulferth’s promotion to Master of Records, his behavior has troubled me more and more…

Baelard's second letter

I do not know where you are as I write this, but as you see by this note, I have unraveled your knot of deceit…

Baelard's final letter

This tragedy draws to a close. I will record what I recall of events, while strength to do so remains…

Bolaim Elsten Security Provendors

Istallaiium Sinister Dexter Decipio…

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