Chapter 1 – The Tournament and the Happening of ‘Strange’ Things…

With the aid of your correspondent, the team progressed through the first 3 rounds of the tourney.

This included 1 on 1 fighter, archer and magic duels culminating in a (up to), 3 v 3 battle in an arena with terrain, grassy knolls, hedges and bushes.

The town itself is a nest of vipers; we were observed and followed on the way to and from the arena. Krudd and Willie were poisoned in a tavern.

Thorvald discretely removed the poison in an alleyway near the tavern.

One evening Krudd and your humble correspondent attended a cage fight (as you do), after losing money on several bets the place was raided.

With others we managed to escape by climbing across to another building.

On that evening, Willie explored and had a drink at another tavern, and met people associated with a thieves guild.

In addition our rooms were broken into several times and a note with gold was left behind.

In the night before the round 3 combat, we teamed up with 3 others - Arnie, a barbarian, Dar a cleric and Liana.

Whence we were told about the 'shadow tournament', a parallel tournament, based on kudos. You enter by having a drink at a particular tavern - which unknowingly we had done. We gained kudos in this shadow tournament again without awareness, by our actions.

In Egert’s round 3 combat, played with Dar at his side, he was hit with 2 fireballs, in contravention of the rules, which he shrugged off, however the assailants escaped. This was likely to be an assassination attempt, possibly part of the shadow tournament.

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Stupid things we've overheard...

All right, we're in an unexplored dungeon in total darkness with no light sources or infravision... Hey, I know!! Let's make a lot of noise so we can locate each other by sound!!

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