Chapter 2. Grand Melee

The tournament culminated in the 'grand melee', a capture the flag style free for all open terrain. There were 2 parties of 11 players.

At our tavern we met several other competitors, including Lady Pris, Halfling paladin and Kell a ranger. However in addition to Liana, Dar and Arnie we teamed up with ‘the Magister’, and a thief type The Piper who seemed to know a lot of what was happening in town and the tournaments.

On the way to the grand Melee, it in a town square, we saw an attempted ambush, your writer pummelled one of them with his fists, Krudd and Thorvald drew weapons, the guards there weren’t happy about this as they drew first, apparently attacking layabouts with weapons is frowned upon. The sergeant indicated charges would be laid.

The aim of the grand melee was to capture 2 flags while holding our own and then taking the 3 flags to an exit. Your correspondent with Liana was volunteered for an initial attempt to snatch a flag from a likely location, our faithful druid Deadwood filled the area with impassable vegetation and we flew to a gully where there was a flag in the process of being claimed by a team of wizards... more fireballs™! We were able to snatch the flag and fly back, however again– more fireballs™, your correspondent fell in health and was ruled out... however we got the flag.

Nearby in another gully was a third flag claimed by a team of clerics, we were able to disrupt them and also take their flag, meanwhile a team as assassins was taking down the mages – by taking down they were killing them rather than just disabling them. By now we were down 3 players and the remaining made a dash for the exit and victory!

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