Chapter 4. The Day After

In the early morning, in the distance we saw large fireball (more fireballs™), Deadwood snuck off to have a look, another party had holed up, and had been attacked. Most likely by the assassins. Deadwood saw Kell carrying the unconscious Pris away from the scene. He met him, and helped kill the 3 assassins following them. He brought them back to our camp together with one of their cloaks and a ring.

After healing Pris, we broke camp, as it was expected that the remaining assassins would be able to trace us by the ring. Kell who had a non-detection ring took the cloaks and rings.

Later that morning we also learned we had to attend the citadel, at 5pm that afternoon, so off we set. We were able to attend the trial and your correspondent was able to dazzle the judge with his concise, fairly worded explanation of the event. The charges were dropped.

However after the trial, while we were trying to decide our next course, another ‘unpleasantness’ occurred, someone was stabbed, the zealous guards now leapt into action, closed the doors and began to search the crowd. Both the Kell and the Piper were now gone.

I noticed a ‘pick pocket’ attempt and found a bloody dagger in my rear belt, before the guards approached, I was able to hide it, however Thorvald, Deadwood and Willie were taken away for questioning.

They soon returned and as night was falling we were directed out of the citadel, we went outside the ‘quieter’; back gate towards the coast and lighthouse.

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