Gods of the Grottos

After a long and varied path across the island, through the catacombs and up the escarpment we arrive in the city.

The time-shards converge here.

In the cathedral we enter each of the chapels/grottos dedicated to a god and talk with them.

The cathedral has feeling of an arbor. Compared to the catacombs there are two extra gods here: Caerlionael and Bardial.

Herewith a list…


  • Able to tell us about the city and other gods
  • Domain of memory and time past
  • Star sign: Cancer ♋︎
  • Interests: preserving fruit, cat videos, ice skating, cooking marshmallows on campfires


  • Strategist. Midnight wings.
  • Probably devised the plan that brought us here
  • Avatar is Kel. Advisor to Caerlionael
  • Star sign: Leo ♌︎
  • Interests: walking the beach at sunset, pottery, moped riding


  • Goddess of the hearth
  • Avatar is Priss. Diaphanous robes holding a amber cord
  • Star sign: Gemini ♊︎
  • Interests: bush walking, collecting colt handguns, landscape photography


  • Silvery bladed wings
  • Deity of fortune
  • Avatar is Liana
  • Star sign: Pisces ♓︎
  • Interests: macrame, candlelight dinners, Italian food and wine


  • Fairy wings
  • Avatar is Cara
  • Star sign: Aries ♈︎
  • Interests: fondues, quilting, thrift shopping


  • Fully armoured.
  • Deity of time. Cause of the shadows. Is insane because we are outside the timeline
  • Star sign: Gemini ♊︎
  • Interests: romantic movies, homemade pasta, Bikram yoga


  • Blacksmith. Interested in device parts we have
  • Avatar is Dar
  • Star sign: Cancer ♋︎
  • Interests: stand up paddle-boarding, baking, salsa dancing


  • Statue draped in deep black cloak
  • In our timeline as the ‘Piper’
  • Star Sign: Virgo ♍︎
  • Interests: table tennis, cocktails, Zumba


  • Ruler, robes and armour. Large sword with helmet
  • Avatar is Cornelius in our time line. Now present as the ‘Lich’
  • Star sign: Aquarius ♒︎
  • Interests: karaoke, laser tag


  • Domain of the unknown. Misty Wings
  • Star sign: Capricorn ♑︎
  • Interests: historical romances, aquarobics


  • The deeps foundation of all things, watery wings
  • Cloaked, decorative red embossed metal on leather
  • Star sign: Aries ♈︎
  • Interests: detective novels, mini golf


  • The void, empty spaces
  • Not very talkative
  • Star sign: Sagittarius ♐︎
  • Interests: bike riding, 90s sitcoms


  • Ninjas. Agents of alternative pantheon, twin universes. This city is in a hidden pocket universe
  • Dar and the others have their spirits in orbs and other devices

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