KRUDD was born in the far North where self-reliance was quickly learned or death would surely follow.

His parents were simple fisher folk who stank of the sea. To compensate for this assault on the senses KRUDD would spend as much time as possible in the forests and mountains that surrounded his village home. The other folk of the village thought he was a bit odd doing this. KRUDD didn't care and yearned to be free of herring and such.

When an adventurer turned up one day KRUDD jumped at the opportunity to learn about weaponry other than net and harpoon.

Of course he set off with the wanderer and became adept at fighting and horsemanship adding these skills to his knowledge of forest and mountain.

One day in a rather vicious fight his mentor was killed. With more adventuring, KRUDD became the man you see today: tall, strong, handsome a deadly fighter, and a little bit - you know - just a little… (nudge nudge). Not that we mind, nooooo we don't mind, not at all. I mean he probably can't help it. Just look at his upbringing. His upbringing alone would be just about enough to turn just about anybody. Anybody.

Note: You can read the full story in his published novel. Clearly published under a pseudonym, but who knew they could write!

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