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In 129 the Dwarves made war against the Ogre
How to Host a Dungeon is a solitaire pen-and-paper game in which you create an underground complex of rooms, populate them with various fantasy races and monsters, and simulate its history. At almost any time you can stop and have the basis for a D&D campaign.
Ultimate RPG Game Table
Although a little old, this one has just hits the blogs. It's interesting but I'm not sure it'd suit our style.
Geek Bling Ring -- D20, Aquamarine
An attractive idea for Chrissy presents!
How The Lord Of The Rings should have ended
Video clip
Another handy-dandy reference site. Plenty of room for growth, but it does have a method for cheaply identifying magic potions.
Infinite Monkeys
Rules lawyers united in a simian blather.
Stone Golem suit made of foam mattresses
"On its first appearance, the Stone Golem sent twenty bold adventurers into a hasty retreat without so much as touching them." - LARP fun from some wacky New Zealanders!
The lurch was recently held in Sydney...
Carrying banners that read "I crave the flesh of the living, and I vote" and "What do we want? Brains!", the ghouls shambled through the city, watched by police and wary onlookers, to raise awareness of zombie rights. See links to various picture and movie galleries on the right hand side.
D&D limited edition laptop
This has got to be the answer to our Ranger's PC woes!
My Oblivion Wife, or: Of Orcish Bondage
Days of Our Lives - Edler Scroll style.
Ain't no fun for an online Nigel No-friends
The comments are funnier than the article: ZOMG kekeke, lern 2 play n00b!!!1!11! 1337 haxx0rs rool!
The Great Escape
You're trapped in a high tech Spanish slammer, crawling through real tunnels, behind real bars. First-person gameplay breaks out of the box. A real-world adventure. Could be fun to try next time you are in Spain.
Build your own Trebuchet
Happy Hurling!
Fear of Girls
This is an 11min video (cough) 'documentary' dealing with a pair of self-declared elite table-top roleplayers. True Love is but a +2 Broadsword away. Scary, funny.
Farewell the 20-sided die?
A SMH article about a new online version of D&D. I am not a fan of computer games, but the screen shots look pretty good.
How to drive fast on drugs while...
This has nothing to do with DND, but I had a good chuckle. A classic from P.J. O'Rourke, 1979.
Accessories for the Porsche
I want some! I want some! I want some!
Napoleon's army ravaged by lice!
Here comes the science.
Still looking for Christmas presents? Here's some suggestions:
A plushy werewolf (transforming, of course). Cthulhu Plush Slippers, prefect for scaring the cats. Dice, you can never have too many (Dungeon Mafia safe).
RPGs In The 'Real World'
As more and more people realize the fun they're denying themselves by turning away from orc-bashing and dragon-baiting, mainstream businesses and media are paying more attention to RPGs.
DND with lego
Just more nutters.
Terry Pratchett interview
On the origins of Discworld, his Order of the British Empire and everything in between.
Ten Sided Dice Earrings Aqua
Unleash your inner game geek!
TSR Archive
Yet another fine example of a nerd with too much time and money. Behold a rather large index of RPG books.
Monty Python's Flying Circus - Just the words
The complete unexpurgated scripts of the original TV series (except for the animation bits). In gloriuos colour-coded HTML format!
The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity
In depth article which covers the five basic laws. With pictures.
How to turn your hamster into a fighting machine!
Some useful advice if we ever get changed again.
Dungeons & Dragons for Librarians!
It's about damn time this stuff made it into the curriculum. Or at least the libraries. Let your local school know about this.
Awesome images from medieval and Renaissance manuscripts
"Spanning some ten centuries of Western illumination, the Morgan Library’s collection contains manuscripts from all the major schools, including some of the great masterpieces of medieval manuscript art."
Hogwarts Security
Real-World secruity weblog discussing such important things as "can you really render a powerful wizard helpless simply by taking away his wand?"
Werewolf - A Mind Game
Not sure if you lot have seen this before, but it looks it'd be fun to play.
AD&D v3.5 Combat Program
Courtesy of Torquil Gault's Page on STUFF.
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Trebuchet
The Scariest Medieval Weapon Ever Made. Check out Riding a Trebuchet.
Dungeons & Dragons for Dummies
WHO IS POINTY HAT? Pointy hat make fire. Pointy hat make fire boom. TIP! Is pointy hat your friend? No? Kill him first.
The Big List of RPG Plots
This is are useful guide for those Dungeon Masters who are stuck for a plot line, or bored players trying to work out which one they are playing.
Zombies on the web
There are actually three different kinds of zombies. All of them are like humans in some ways, and all of them are lacking something crucial (something different in each case).
Classic D&D illustrator dead at 56.
"Elfwood is the worlds largest home to SciFi/Fantasy art and fiction."
The real story of vampires
This is a slide-show of a Vampire Domestication talk. It takes about half-an-hour to play (6MB), but worth every furlong.
Fifteen Elvish Ways to Die
Tidy creatures, elves insist on the cleanest of bathrooms. But don't mix bleach and ammonia. Lohaton's skill with the longbow is of no use to him now.
High tech Dungeoneering!
This group project the map of their dungeon onto the table. Looks like fun.
The Hypertext d20 SRD
This site bills itself as the ultimate d20 system reference. It's pretty good actually.
Israel Army frowns on Dungeons and Dragons Players
Looks like someone failed their bluff roll.
Encyclopedia Mythica
An encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and legend. Or so they say.
Death to the Minotaur
How Wizards of the Coast sacrificed its geeky, Gothic, sex-for-all idealism for Pokemon-size profits and Magic moola.
Bulfinch's Mythology
An "attempt To Popularize Mythology, And Extend The Enjoyment Of Elegant Literature, Is Respectfully Inscribed". Whatever. It's worth a look-see.

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