Necronomicon 2005

Necronomicon 2005
Necronomicon 2005

Update from Trix, 25 March 2005:

Just a line to say thanks to all the Steves and their terrific capacity to organise in the face of adversity. I had a SPLENDID time... thanks for the efforts!

Update 25 March 2005:

Of course we spoke too soon. Far be it for me to disparage the organisational skills of others, but... let's just say steve1 still has the long journey still ahead of him.

Maybe the pressure was too much, maybe it was the organisers fault. Whatever.

After successfully enroling in exactly none of the sessions, we did manage an extended killing spree with Die with Honor and also managed not to finish GotD: The Sealing Begins!.

Update 23 March 2005:

Well, Steve1 has finally commenced his long journey to make some (minor) amends for the Great MacquarieCon Tragedy of 2004. He will be attending registration on Friday morning for us at 9am - so we can all sleep-in. Wheee!

Good luck Steve for the rest of the journey.

The first session on Friday starts at 12:30pm.

Steve2 will be turning up at about 11am and letting people know what sessions we have got in to. Have your mobiles to the ready.

Rumbles to Trix— I can still give you a lift if you want.

Rumbles to Steve2— do you have everyone's mobile number?

Update 21 March 2005:

Here's the group thinking so far...

  1. To find the place, there's a map here.
  2. Meet there at 8:30am Friday 25th.
  3. We all SHOUT LOUDLY to find evil Steve.
  4. Just use mobiles to find everyone else.
  5. Rumbles can give Trix a lift.

16 March 2005

Ok, here's the deal:

Steve1 has booked us into Necro2005 for all day Friday 25th and all day Saturday 26th.

Those going are:

  • Steve1
  • Steve2
  • Grunt
  • Trix
  • Rumbles

He has sent the money and rego forms in, and is waiting to hear back about session times.

Here's the games he nominated us for:

Die with Honour

Welcome to the final slaughter of the mercenary scum of adventurers that claimed to fight for the king of Cormyr, the righteous, and the victorious...Huh. AS if they can barely keep them selves alive let alone victorious. The last of the die hard adventurer's all worn out and tired trying to finish a job meant for an army that is all dead...and their next, but they do not know that.

If we can't get into Die with Honour, the alternative is The Dead Lands.


In every community, there are losers. A single session Vampire Masquerade game, for five Vampires that none of the other Kindred would be seen Dead with.

Back To Paranoia

It's been another long daycycle in Alpha Complex, and your just about ready to head off back to your quarters to watch some Teela-O-Mly vids and get stuck into that 6 pack of Bouncy Bubbly Beverage you've been saving up for, when you receive a piece of paper. It's something you have been dreading ever since your last mission......another one!

A single session Paranoia game for five suicidal maniacs players.

GotD: The Sealing Begins!

The Year is 4986 LY, The end of "The Era of City-States". It is now the second year into the time of the 'First Seal', the beginning shadows of the Coming and the War. Revelation 16:16.

Another "ISAIAH 61: DQuell Productions" (Andrew Carter) Game.

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Stupid things we've overheard...

The troll won't attack, he will be grateful for letting him out of the cell.

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