The site is back!


Woot! Woot!

We finally have our site back! Here's the brief story...

  • The domain name was due for renewal on 27 April.
  • It was registered with a company called Melbourne IT.
  • I transferred the name to another company in early April.
  • Melbourne IT didn't like to lose the business so they "locked" the domain, and let it expire.
  • They then HIJACKED the domain, and put their own fucking ads on it!
  • The company I transferred it to could not do anything until Melbourne IT went through their "transfer process".
  • That transfer process has just finished (9 May).
  • It seems that no amount of phone calls or email could get the transfer happening quicker.
  • This seems to be a standard business practise for Melbourne IT - it happened recently to another domain I manage.

The moral of the story is: never use Melbourne IT they are arseholes.

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