Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition

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The world is changing again. Updating. Time to start saving for even more books, and online subscriptions, and program downloads, and multi-player madness...

A bunch of stuff can be found here: Johnathan Drain's D20 Source

Changes include:

  • Thirty levels instead of twenty
  • no more XP costs for magic items creation
  • Flexible talent trees replacing feats and prestige classes
  • A new racial bonuses system that obsoletes ECL
  • An end to rubbish skills like Forgery and Use Rope

"Unlike 3.5, all the changes this time around sound like they're definitely for the better... If nothing else, at least they have the opportunity to get rid of Mialee"

The official site is here: Wizard$ of the Coast (Complete with goddamn annoying YouTube videos)

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