Hanse Sloughfoot

Chaotic Good, Halfling

6 of seven children, Hanse always believed in sharing - sharing the work, sharing the food.

Why if some people were so keen to do all of the work, why not let them.

Others had to eat the food, enjoy the sunshine.

He is a lively quick thinker, fond of a joke, a story and a meal (or two).

Hanse is not so much selfish or bad more that he doesn't always think things through. He is generous when he notices other people in need, however most of the time he is hungry - not for power or wealth, but for food.

He lived happily in his village, often in trouble.

The affair of the seven day wish stone was the last straw. Hanse often helped Magnus Thornhill a local mage and might have become an apprentice.

He took one of Magnus' cast off calcite gems - that has been magic'ed with a everchanging glow.

He then sold this to seven different village members, this was you see a seven day wish stone, it would only appear to the owner once every seven days.

This kept Hanse busy, every night he would move the gem from one owner to another.

This all went well until the midsummer's leap day holiday, what with the confusion over the extra day and the hangover from the night before the scheme all fell to pieces.

He then set off to make a fortune. Most recently he has had a change of heart and when not up to mischief, is the proprietor of Gargantuan Smallgoods, the emporium he 'inherited'.

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