Lyselle Dokic

Lawful Neutral, Half Elf

Lyselle Dokic, Damir's twin and sometime party member had a perfect, dreamy, magical elven sort of childhood filled with loved and endless summer days of dappled sun spent laughing and singing and playing in the forest. This only made it harder for her friends and family to understand why she chose to join the Order of St Cuthbert and deliver his form of Divine and retributive justice to the world.

She and Damir are close as only twins can be and share that closeness to this day; despite the fact he keeps shooting her in the back with arrows, then claiming it was an accident. Eventually though, they went their sperate ways; she to the Monastry of St Cuthbert in the Velusekka-Dorrielle Mountains and he off to trek the forests of the world. Years that passed, Lyselle worked hard and learned well. Her elvish heritage made her particularly dexterous and for her size she was suprisingly strong. Her total disregard for any type of armour made her look an easy target but she was fast and agile and a dangerous adversary.

Lyselle was a fast learner and her Master considered her training complete early. So, only 56 years after she first arrived, she left the Monastry to embark on a holy quested to find the head of King Oswald. Oswald was both King and Matyr and his head - which had been buried with the uncorruptable body of St Cuthbert - was lost two and a half thousand years ago when the Monks moved the Saints coffin from it's original resting place in fear of its being captured by invaders. For many years Lyselle travelled, ever questing, to strange lands and far off places. In time she heard stories of a party of adventuring mercenaries who travelled with a Ranger who sounded much like her brother Damir. This party weren't too hard to find; they left a swathe of destruction a blind Dwarf could follow; and it only took her a few days to catch up and be reunited with her twin

She travelled with the party and together they visited foreign worlds and different dimensions and had many adventures but still she was no closer to her goal. After many years she was created a Champion of St Cuthbert and together with Damir; Mumbles; Singin; Jeremy and Hanse Sloughfoot she braved St Cuthberts ducks and completed her quest for King Oswalds head. The story of its finding and the surreally zen experience of Lyselle's 'King Oswald within' (as well as the several hundred 'other' Oswalds without) was and still is very disturbing for her and has shaken her beliefs to their foundations.

At present she has left the parfty to meditate on this incident......

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