Norton Bloodstone

Norton Bloodstone
Lawful Neutral, Dwarf

Son of Harley and Glittergem Bloodstone.


  • ECC (Educational Competency Certificate)
  • Graduate Dwarven Academy of Earth Science & Engineering (Honors: Vulcanology; Metalurgy)
  • Red-Cap Priest (active) of the Temple of Wee Jas (Domains: Death; Magic)
  • Qualified Forgemaster (Specialites: Smithcraft; Toolmaking)

Norton was born the only child of Harley Bloodstone and Glittergem Fisurecleave. Often observing his father working in the family blacksmith business, Norton developed a keen interest in the techniques and processes of working and forming metal.

Renown for his skill at the forge, Harley encouraged Norton's development as a smith, and was amazed at the skill and aptitude displayed by his son. After completing his degree studies, Harley and Glittergem arranged for Norton to study smithing under the pre-eminent Forgemaster of their time; the great Stonegron - master Alloysmith and Weaponsmaker to the king. It was during his apprenticeship with Stonegron that the master noticed Norton speaking to the metal as he worked it. Norton's explanation that he was addressing the spirits of the alloy and forge convinced Stonegron that Norton was capable of developing the special skills necessary for the crafting of magical items and weaponry, and thereafter Norton received special instruction at the hands of the master Stonegron himself.

Seeking further knowledge of the magic arts and mysteries he approached his mother, Glittergem who encouraged Norton to speak to her father Goldseam who was a respected deacon in the Temple of Wee-Jas, Goddess of Death and Magic. Goldseam introduced Norton to the Temple priests who allowed him access to the sacred library where he and Goldseam would spend many enthusiastic and happy hours pondering over ancient texts of magical lore, history and techniques.

Over time the Temple and its activities became the focus of Norton's attention and he found his affection and loyalty to Wee-Jas and her followers growing. Encouraged by Goldseam, he decided to devote the rest of his life to the service of his God, and took his vows as a Priest of the Temple of Wee-Jas. As his particular domain studies he chose Death and Magic.

Joining the warrior-priest order of the Red-Cap, Norton excelled at the use of varied weaponry and spells, eventually achieving the rank of Black Hand, and able to wield the "touch of death" at will. His forgemaster skills developed further under the tutiledge of the temple smiths, and Norton was recognised with the award of the Ruby-Dagger for his skill in smithcraft and artifact fabrication.

After decided to become an "active" priest of the order, Norton accepted the charge of taking the Doctrine to the world, and researching and gathering magical techniques and lore for the Temple library. He remains Wee-Jas loyal priest and servant...

Motto: "The iron must be worked before it becomes steel"

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