Mistress Fi-Fi Trixie-Belle Latuche

Chaotic Evil, Human

I am not who I say I am, nor am I what I appear to be.

The name I use; as close to what I'd call my own as anything I'd tell - for names hold power; is Mistress Fi-Fi Trixie-Belle Latuche. I will not tell where I was born nor would I speak of my parents or what my life was like before I started down the path to what I have become.

My training started when I was very very young, in a dismal place where punishments were brutal and the reward for excellence was to live. Those of us who lived, thrived in a strange way - we learned all we were taught and grew stronger. We developed skills to dodge and to distract; to hide and to dissemble; to climb and leap and tumble. Those who proved adept were given special training - some learned the use of weapons; some the skills of picking locks and pockets, while others learned subtler deceits.

I learned well and when I was proficient in my skills I left the ones who trained me and travelled far to study with a wise, but dangerous, teacher. It was from her I learned Anatomy - where best to place those weapons I'd learned to use; the subtle arts of poison - and other darker and more dangerous ways like philosophy and ethical morality.

I have killed for revenge, for survival, for fun and sometimes just because someone paid me to and I have let people live for simpler reasons than these. I am not who I say I am, nor am I what I appear to be but I have work to do.

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