Session 10 - A bit of a tight spot

We crept downstairs - no sign of the others yet.

We came to a big circular room, with 3 doors. We listened at all three - didn't hear very much, and tried the door on the 3rd room. Inside was a guy sitting there at a table, I fired an arrow and stepped into the room.

Mumbles and Jeremy did the same. Then the guy disappeared. We looked around and the fireplace and everything in the room was fake. Then - the walls started to close in...

The door was now some sort of magical barrier (disintegrates table legs). What to do?

I tried to jimmy a wall with some crampons - and had some success - it slowed, I them did the other one and kept jamming more and more crampons in.

The walls gave out a terrible grinding sound - but the stopped moving. We looked at everything, the fireplace was the only possibility.

While the chimney was a fake the rear wall did look as if it could move. I tried to trigger it - while getting out of the way and the big block slid across the room. I was able to slip through the small opening.

A bit later on I was able to make a hole so the others could get through, a voice in my head said I should charge the others a fee for getting them out - but I didn't think that was me.

Out we went !

The room had a ladder going down, so down we went. We found another room. From here we could see the inside keep of the fort -with guards wandering around. We went through another door and found ourselve back in the inside corridor - back where we began - but still 3 dimensional!

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