The Jontus' Grind & Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror

Transcripts from The Jontus' Grind and Mirror, Mirror. Lot's went wrong here.

Of Elks and Lions - Session 2

Travelling from the village, the party follows the road towards the Keep. Sinjin, spying a mountain lion crouched amonst bushes, decides to practice his spells. He creates the roar of a mountain lion directly behind the poor creature, which panics and charges straight through the party in an effort to escape. The lion climbs over the top of Hanse, the halfling, and uses his face for traction. It leaps past him and runs straight onto Grumbles. Grumbles is, as usual, holding a large pointy weapon. Lion 0 - Barbarians 1.

'Where did they come From?' - Session 7

Having cleaned out the nest of bandits in the small valley, the group set about counting their loot and cooking lunch. Damir being restless set off on a lone patrol.

Sing a New Song

Sing a New Song.

Session 12 - All one big family again

We made it to the castle walls - surrounded by the now thinning ranks of the guards - thanks to Mumbles and some spellwork by Jeremy.

Session 15 - The Dude

We waited a while hoping the guys would come back out, I also tried to view a particular scene by concentrating hard, - it seemed to work, but I started getting a headache.

Session 1 - The Hole

It was nice being back in town - with 6 meals a day, only 1 sun rising in the morning and mirrors are simple, flat reflective things.

Not an apology

Lyselle has pointed out that there is a mis...., a mis..., an inconsistenc..., a miscommunication.

Session 7 - A couple too many Suns

I didn't believe it - we were able to get out of the place with our treasure intact, I only had a very nice jewellery set - the other had a lot more but if I get to hock this I will be very happy.

Session 6 - Too much to carry

I managed to get Thorvald out of the pit - only got spotted once.

God's retort: The Truth - being a sad tale of bumbling fools!

The unorganized rabble were directed out of town for the price of some slightly soiled blankets. The Lady Agasta, having dealt with the riff-raff, moved on to more pleasant duties.

Wot about a bit of rough an' tumble?

Several weeks later - we looked across the market square and there was Grumbles ! How could this be, I dropped the pocket I was picking and ran over.

'Run away, run away' - Session 5

The doughty Party again step out into the dark tunnel, tracking the occassional spoor of goblin. The hint of a breeze and a glimmer of light ahead. A torchlit cavern, piled high with supplies and weapons; perhaps a staging area. Thieves sneak, fighters ready themselves for surely there are guards. In a graceful (but complicated) dance, the Party attacks; archers to the left, spellcasters to the right, fighters charge. Even those who didnt understand the hand signals fake it. Two mighty Bugbears armed with deadly tankards of beer, are whelmed under by our raging heroes. What cruel fate - a dying enemy crys the alarm!

Seasoned Halfling to go

I awoke, cold and with a very sore head...before I could open my eyes I could smell salt, pepper, herbs and stench of Goblin...

A story of shopping, some traveling and much wining and dining.

The brave party assembled in Jotunsburg and after excellent negotiation session were given an exclusive warrant to clear the pass known as the Neck from bands of cowardly bandits that were assembling there.

Dear Lorrielle

Dear Lorrielle, Well, life 'outside' sure isn't shaping up as I expected it to. Damir's managed to hook up with the most extraordinary bunch - WOW, they're a real system shock for my first trip out of the monastery in years. Dear ole Damir - he means well but I weorry about him - he always did have a strange sense of humor (even for a half breed)

Session 4 - Lost in space

I crept upstairs, I could hear voices and someone moving furniture from behind a door. The others came up as well.

Session 2 - Mirror Mirror

Well I suppose it is obvious really, at least I can say that I wasn't the only one not to spot the problem.

Session 14 - More Mirror Mayhem

We seemed to have the guards on the run. Most of the party were still on the castle walls. Jeremy and I ran forwards to see if there were any more guards around, we saw 5 up on the walls trying to break down a door to get to the others.

A Rope

I waited until the baboons had left, then I looked around. There were 3 entrances to the cavern, a guard at one, facing my direction and two others at the middle entrance - with their backs turned.

Down the Rabbit Hole - Session 3

The party makes its way to the Keep. A fight has recently taken place, the Keep is deserted. The attackers appear to have been Goblins, which is strange as Thorvald (cleric) says there have never been any sighted here before.

Diversionary Force Alpha

The main force has infiltrated the castle. The enemy troops sally, Alpha Force await them at the edge of the light.

Session 13 - Fade to grey

We seemed to have the guards on the run. Most of the party were still on the castle walls. Jeremy and I ran forwards to see if there were any more guards around, we saw 5 up on the walls trying to break down a door to get to the others.

Session 2 - Hanse Inc

This was one of those days where things didn't turn out exactly as expected - which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Session 8 - A Hole in the Wall

We managed to get up and into the hole, fortunately I was now well away from the horrible slithery thing below. Damir, Sing, Mumbles and Thorvald killed it. I continued on into the passageway. After about 10 minutes Jeremy and Mumbles followed.

Idiots at the Inn

Our tale begins with a depleted couple of adventurers, Damir and Hansie, at a loose end.

Kids in the Kitchen

The search and removal of mirrors in the Abbey continued.

A Killer Stumble

Finally out of the caves!

Ask not for Whom the Bell Tolls - Session 8

Having fled the field of battle, the Party spends the night huddling with some refugees in a woodsmans hut. Come the morning and courage has returned. Damir, Hanse, and Grumbles decide to return to the village and try to find out how many goblins are loose in the valley.

'A Bridge too Far' - Session 4

The Party sets of into the dark twisting passageway. After several hours of underground travel, the Party are stopped by a mighty chasm that blocks their way. A precarious rope bridge spans the chasm, its far end disappearing into the darkness.

The adventure continues...

As I suspected, once the going started getting a bit more difficult some of my compatriots began to have second thoughts. At this stage nothing overt, just that the half orc began to grumble a bit, Lyselle (a monk I believe), was complaining about the deal. This was a turn-up, a monk giving comercial advice to a well known, if perhaps infamous, businessman !

Session 9 - Creeping along Corridors

No sign of the others, we decided to have a bit more of a look around. The passage with the grates ended in a blank wall, searching I found a lever.

Session 10 - A bit of a tight spot

We crept downstairs - no sign of the others yet.

Jotunsburg, and the valley of Jotuns' Grind - 895 SA.

The valley of Jotuns' Grind was founded by refugees over 150 years ago. It is a large glacial valley that reaches deep into the Big Spikey Mountains.

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