Ask not for Whom the Bell Tolls - Session 8

Having fled the field of battle, the Party spends the night huddling with some refugees in a woodsmans hut. Come the morning and courage has returned. Damir, Hanse, and Grumbles decide to return to the village and try to find out how many goblins are loose in the valley.

Ranger and Rogue sneak cautiously towards the inn. The Barbarian strides openly to the door and looks in. Two dozen goblins snore loudly from the bar-room. Grumbles bundles one up in the blink of an eye, and then stashes him back in the woods. Then he goes back for just one more!

Silent death stalks the goblins; whoops - so much for silence. Its funny how much they scream when you stick a crossbow bolt in them - no consideration! A screaming mass of confused goblins, fumbling for weapons, searching for something to kill. Grumbles leaps outside as the green avalanche descends on him. Goblins fall to left and right, but they still keep coming. Damir races towards the bleeding Grumbles, a potion of healing elixir in his hand. Then both turn to flee. Damir makes it back to the woods, turns to see Grumbles dying in the snow, goblins stabbing at him and two Bugbears emerging from the inn. Hanse, with the only remaining potion, makes a mad dash through the melee to save the dying Barbarian. Cruel clubs smash him to the ground.

Grumbles is surely dead, is Hanse also - or is his fate to be worse!

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