'A Bridge too Far' - Session 4

The Party sets of into the dark twisting passageway. After several hours of underground travel, the Party are stopped by a mighty chasm that blocks their way. A precarious rope bridge spans the chasm, its far end disappearing into the darkness.

Grumbles, Damir, Hanse, and Thorvald brave the swaying crossing. Lyselle and Sinjin remain behind, to 'guard the rear'. Everything goes well until Grumbles, approaching the far end, steps forward and the planking suddenly flips over urging him into the abyss. Fortune favouring the bold, his leg snags in the roping stopping his plunge short. Damir dives forward to stop his slide.

Suddenly, from the darkness, arrows slice through the air. Hanse leaps upon the rope handrail and climbs across the gap in the planking. Who would have thought such a small being could shriek so piercingly, as his hands slip (rolled a 1 on a climb check). But again fortune smiles as he desparately flings out a hand to grasp a trailing rope.

Arrows continue to pepper the Party as a goblin advances from the shadows. Grumbles regains his feet, then leaps the yawning gap, and charges. The Party despatches the goblin on the bridge, Grumbles charges on as a second goblin races away into the darkness.

Hanse follows behind, bow at the ready. Grumbles makes two unsuccessful diving tackles, the goblin stabs him for his troubles. Not so mighty Hanse, steps forward, and slays the goblin.

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