The adventure continues...

As I suspected, once the going started getting a bit more difficult some of my compatriots began to have second thoughts. At this stage nothing overt, just that the half orc began to grumble a bit, Lyselle (a monk I believe), was complaining about the deal. This was a turn-up, a monk giving comercial advice to a well known, if perhaps infamous, businessman !

Of course true genius is always surrounded by people who can't see the big picture. While ruminating on these and other ironies of life - and the prospect of a lot of gold to spend; we were jumped by a mountain lion. I didn't quite see what happened - apparently it was scared by some noise, and without any warning it was on top of me !

With some help from Grumbles we were able to fight the thing off, later that night at camp, its mate attacked us, once again we fought it off. All this outdoors stuff is a change of scene but is really hard work.

Anyway - back to the big picture. The next day we arrived at the tower, as I suspected the tower was deserted. All of the pieces have now fallen into place, I think I can now tell the others what the deal really is. I don't think however, that that new guy - the cleric Thorvald will be 'flexible' enought, he seems a bit of a straight arrow.

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Stupid things we've overheard...

Dwarves can't be vampires.

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Time, time, what is time? Swiss manufacture it, French horde it, Italians squander it, American's say it is money, Indians say it does not exist. You know what I say? I say time is a crook!