Diversionary Force Alpha

The main force has infiltrated the castle. The enemy troops sally, Alpha Force await them at the edge of the light.

The first wave go down before my arcane power, Alpha Force ambush the second wave in the darkness. I circle round to deliver any survivors into Deaths' embrace.

Alpha slips away into the dark, as the defenders begin to reorganize for a second sally. We re-assemble at Base Camp and prepare for Phase Two.

Descend to caverns. Begin second infiltration. Undetected, valuable data retrieved from closer study of Mirror device. I have penetrated the illusionary camoflage, we proceed upwards. Guardpost by-passed, gate analysed and negated, no sign of detection. Ascend to interior of castle, first objective reached, nil casualties.

(Performance review: Thorvald, Brand, and Other Ranger - competent when led well, can act like automatons, perhaps lack initiative. Damir - mind not on job, appeared lacking in concentration, may have to eliminate at late date.)

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