Session 13 - Fade to grey

We seemed to have the guards on the run. Most of the party were still on the castle walls. Jeremy and I ran forwards to see if there were any more guards around, we saw 5 up on the walls trying to break down a door to get to the others.

Something big (probably Mumbles) was on the other side of the door - hitting the guards through it. A couple dropped, I plugged them with arrows and hit one (I think). Then they started to retreat, also there seemed to be battle behind us......

Suddenly the castle disappeared! Where I don't know but we couldn't see it anymore -or at least most of us. I turned around to find the others - the fish eater (Damir) seemed to have flipped - probably the lack of castle. He was attacking the ranger. I think Mumbles slapped him around a bit and he came to his senses.

Even more disturbing - everyone's loot has disappeared. We were left on a barren plateau top. We went down below, found the cave and the tunnel entrance. Maybe now we would return back to the Abbey through the mirror.

We found the room with the pits - except now there were no pits - and no other tunnel. The mirror was active however - when I looked through I saw a burning house, so did Jeremy. Sing saw an old man in a garden, he moved forward to look a bit closer... and zap he was pulled through. Mumbles grabbed him and went through as welll...

what now ?

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Don't you understand? The odds will be even. If we can't see them, they can't see us.

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In Hell, serial killers live many, many floors above the parents who put their little daughters in beauty pageants.