Session 2 - Hanse Inc

This was one of those days where things didn't turn out exactly as expected - which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Call me impetious - but with the reaction of the mining camp and the storekeeper in town when we said we had discovered what appeared to be an old Dwarven mine workings, I decided then and there to buy the chandlery. All I wanted to do at the time was to corner the market on all rope, however a pocket full of gold soon spoke.

The others were I think surprised, Lyselle wants to call it 'Garguantuan Smallgoods' which is a good as name as any - we must get a sign made when we get back to tow - If the store is still there. We left it in the care of the innkeeper's son, and took the barge up stream with a load of goods - particularly lamp oil.

If it continues we may make a lot of money - some even legally.

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