Session 8 - A Hole in the Wall

We managed to get up and into the hole, fortunately I was now well away from the horrible slithery thing below. Damir, Sing, Mumbles and Thorvald killed it. I continued on into the passageway. After about 10 minutes Jeremy and Mumbles followed.

We decided to explore the dark passages. We could hear some combat still happening outside - it was very strange, there were obviously people fighting but a blow was only struck every minute or so. It went on for a long time.

Mumbles lead the way - it passages were pitch black. We found a larger passage way that went around in a circle - it appeared to follow the outer wall of the castle.

We came to a door - and opened it, the floor appeared to be grates opening onto a lower pit - in there were a lot of the badboons....

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No, I haven't seen any invisible assassins lately.

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