Kids in the Kitchen

The search and removal of mirrors in the Abbey continued.

By now we had happily divided the treasure 4 ways rather than 5. We continued to clean out the mirrors in the ground floor. The kitchen is a large room in the rear, while checking for mirrors this hideous baboon creature appeared from underneath a table. We later found a mirror there.

The creature was strong but we were able to dispatch it - I buried my dagger - with a particularly good hit - in it's groin which it didn't like one little bit.

While we were still pulling ourselves together, another badboon appeared - up the other end of the room. It was able to grab Sing and dragged him into the hallway. Well in no time at all he was gone.

Now I realised, our job would be much harder - it is far more difficult to divide 5000gp 3 ways than 4.

Seeing that there was only 4 of us left (counting good ol' Thorvald), time for us to join Sing and Jeremy on the other site. I figured if all of us went over at once we would have a better chance against whatever is over there.

We went up to a mirror - but nothing happened - nothing came out, and we didn't go in. Looks like we would have to look further.

Having cleared the bottom floor we started heading upstairs. I could hear some noises from the floor above, I went to investigate..

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