A Killer Stumble

Finally out of the caves!

Having left the Goblins behind in a flaming heap, we finally reached the entrance to the cave.

To my dismay Snails was missing, and his rope had been cut!

Looking around I saw a column of smoke - looking suspiciously like a campfire further along the valley. Gesturing to the others I headed off silently down the hill to investigate, however much to my dismay I tumbled down the hill, landing very uncomfortably somewhere down at the bottom, and taking some damage.

This alerted a guard across the valley, and I suspect caused a ripple of laughter from my fellow ‘adventurers’. I picked myself up and headed for the trees.

Some how the plan came together Damir was on their right flank, Sinjin and I where around the left and rear, Lyselle, Grumbles and Thorvald at the front. Sinjin let of a sleep spell – which worked like magic - felling five of the nine.

A couple of arrows carefully aimed at the rear and the bandits where fleeing. Grumbles and Damir took off after one of the runners, another – with amazing, super human speed, managed to mount one of the ponies, draw a dagger and was about to ride off. Sinjin cast another amazing spell, (this magic stuff is incredible!) and both ponies fell to the ground. Action man was pinned beneath the pony and surrendered. Snails was nearby – at the campfire.

Well, now we might have some laborers for Hanse enterprises. Time to head back to the tower and put phase 2 into effect.

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