Dear Lorrielle

Dear Lorrielle,

Well, life 'outside' sure isn't shaping up as I expected it to. Damir's managed to hook up with the most extraordinary bunch - WOW, they're a real system shock for my first trip out of the monastery in years. Dear ole Damir - he means well but I weorry about him - he always did have a strange sense of humor (even for a half breed)

Anyway, it seems we've been 'hired' and I use the term loosely, for a kind smile (well, a condensing one anyway), a couple of blankets, some vague and unsubstansiated promises and the company of a closed-mouthed old cleric - some deal. All this was arranged - or so I've heard - by 'our Entrepreneur'. ENTREPRENEUR!!!! PAH!!!!! How can you have any faith in someone who can't see over the counter in an Inn and is naive enough to pay 4 WHOLE GOLD PIECES for a dog - I mean, do you believe's just another smelly, hungry hanger-on??????? - though I guess as ambulatory rations we could do worse and I've heard that dogs milk is full of goodness (vitamins and minerals and marrow-bone jelly) - Pity it's a male!!!

Apart from the short-arsed, addle-pated entrepreneur, there's this BIG guy - BIG AND UGLY!!!!! - who wanders along muttering to himself and taking the occasional swipe at anything he doesn't like the look of - which seems to be most things now that I think on it. I've been keeping my distance from him, he doesn't strike me as altogether sane. Then of couse there's a smug sorcerer type, isn't there always!! Don't know if he can cast any good spells but he sure does an absolutely exquisite Mountain Lion impersonation... What a group.

Anyway - so far all I seem to have done is slog through the snow on short horses (I think they're called ponys!) listening to 'the boys' bluster about hunting bandits, though how we'll ever find them like this is beyond me (unless the bandits are terribly stupid or perhaps, wanting to be caught).

These guys are soooooo gullible, they didn't even get money up front - ah well...

Trust you are well - will write more soon.


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