Session 4 - Lost in space

I crept upstairs, I could hear voices and someone moving furniture from behind a door. The others came up as well.

Our plan - which as it turned out was not a very good one, was to burst into the room and challenge whatever was in there. This we did. Inside were 4 men - fighter types who were passing things through a huge mirror in the far wall, only this wasn't a mirror, it was like a window into...somewhere else - probably where Sing and Jeremy disappeared.

We attacked them and 3 of the 4 drew weapons and defended themselves. Well it was a tough fight, in fact too tough for us. At one stage I blacked out, and came too - after I think, Thorvald had given me a potion of some sort.

I ran and hid in a corner. Mumbles and Damir were holding their own against the other fighters, but on the other side of the 'mirror', many more appeared, and were about to enter the room. I yelled to the others and fled from the room.

As I started to head down the stairs, I waited at the top for the others to follow, perhaps I could set a trap for whoever might follow....

All went black, something had grabbed me and was dragging me from the stairs, I tried to struggle, but the thing had me. It appeared to be dragging me through a mirror....

I came to in... a pit whatever had me - probably one of the badboons - wasn't there.. I picked myself and look around. The place was dimly lit, but I could see the slick walls of the pit. I listened, but couldn't hear very much. Well time to get out of hear, hopefully I wouldn't make too much noise.

After a couple of goes, I was able to climb out without too much difficulty, from the top I could see I was in a large cavern, with many pits identical to mine. I could hear something coming, I ducked, the pit had a lip, some 6 inches high - plenty of space for me to hide in a shadow.

Some baboons appeared to be searching the cavern for something - hopefully one of my companions gone missing. I hid and waited until they had passed. Now to find the others....

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