Wot about a bit of rough an' tumble?

Several weeks later - we looked across the market square and there was Grumbles ! How could this be, I dropped the pocket I was picking and ran over.

Of course it wasn't Grumbles but a brother - Mumbles... bit still a big boofy half-orc barbarian! We retired to the old inn to celebrate. By this time I was getting bored and started taking silly chances.

I saw Ban with a couple of other wolf trappers drinking together.

Some bard started playing up on stage, so I decided the time was right to get some more beer money. 2 minutes later I was 30gp richer, I headed back towards the rest of the party, when good ol' Ban decided to say hello. I tried to duck, but he followed. The bard was taking a break, a crowd was building up at the bar, people were cheering up again.

Buy now, the chum had checked his belt, and found himself lighter by 1 purse. Upon consulting his colleague - he was told to 'get stuffed'. An argument broke out, which was only made worse when the bard tried to intervene.

Well a push came to a shove which elbowed a splilt drink and sure enought a nice, comfy, familar bar-roombrawl was about to break out.

I climbed up onto a table to watch, keeping an eye out for an escape route. Someone from across the room had decided to order a couple of beers - and was magic'ing them across - that spelled target.

I then decided to get out of here - I leapt and managed to grab the chandleir and from their to another one.

The bard started to collect money, I tumbled down (almost fell!) and grabbed half, I was happy with that.

Damir had been talking to the drink levitating wizard at the back of the room, together with the bard (who also smells of magic) we were a party again.

The next day who should appear but Thorvald, I hid the purses I had collected and bid hello.

Thorvald was well, but his church had been having some problems with a monastery over in the next valley... we were all bored and looking for some adventure, so that was good enough for us....

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