'Run away, run away' - Session 5

The doughty Party again step out into the dark tunnel, tracking the occassional spoor of goblin. The hint of a breeze and a glimmer of light ahead. A torchlit cavern, piled high with supplies and weapons; perhaps a staging area. Thieves sneak, fighters ready themselves for surely there are guards. In a graceful (but complicated) dance, the Party attacks; archers to the left, spellcasters to the right, fighters charge. Even those who didnt understand the hand signals fake it. Two mighty Bugbears armed with deadly tankards of beer, are whelmed under by our raging heroes. What cruel fate - a dying enemy crys the alarm!

From the far end of the cavern comes the reply: the brazen shout of trumpets, and the racous cry of 300 goblin voices. Panic seizes the shaken Party, "Run away, run away". Greed, however, can sometimes overcome. The cry becomes "Loot first, then run away".

Strong thewed Grumbles leads the retreat, nobly carrying the short limbed Hanse. So the Party flees, back, back through the twisting black heart of the mountain. Sounds of pursuit dog them through the breathless hours, the patter of goblins, the pounding of Bugbear feet.

The Party gasping desparately for breath finally reach the chasm and the bridge. A trail of oil follows their path as they cross the swinging span. The relentless monsters charge after the exhausted adventurers. But wait - fire is spreading across the wooden bridge! Panicked goblins scramble back. Party swords hack at the stays of the bridge and soon the blazing span parts and collapses down into the yawning chasm. Fire plummeting down into inky night that has never known the light.

Oh! And then Lyselle, disappointed that no flaming goblins took the plunge, gets bored and decides to explore a side passage. What's that funny spot on the roof in the corner. Here Grumbles, let me stand up on your shoulders so I can have a closer look.

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