Seasoned Halfling to go

I awoke, cold and with a very sore head...before I could open my eyes I could smell salt, pepper, herbs and stench of Goblin...

I opened one eye, 4 goblins where discussing preparation of the main course, from their discussion it soon became clear they were talking about me.

At this stage I wish I listened to what my mother's advice...(what did she say you ask? - *I don't know* - I never listened to her.

One thing I did remember was what Vila taught me at the guild - was getting out of ropes. Fortunately goblins don't seem to be very good with knots. I was able to free my hands, and then my feet....

....still 4 goblins in the kitchen, I grabbed a handful of pepper, watched and when most of their backs were turned, jumped up and ran for the door. Only 2 saw me, one tripped over and the other grabbed my leg. I threw the pepper in his eyes and opened the door.

From there I was able to get out and close the door behind me. I ran for the bush, some 40 yards away. I kept going up the hill, into deeper and deeper forest. Ducked beneath a fallen tree and sat there.

The goblins didn't find me but someone did - good old Snails. We hot footed it out of there and went back to our horses. The other horses where there! I grabbed a horse blanket and set off to find the others.

The others were circling the inn, I finally attracted Lyselle's attention and she and the others grabbed some ponies and we headed off. Back to Jotunsberg! Stopping off only to grab a souvenir goblin ...

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Stupid things we've overheard...

We open the door, throw in the dwarf, quickly shut the door, and wait for the screaming to stop. Then we open the door again. What do we see?... Dwarves? How many? Do they look upset?

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Teach a man to reason, and he'll think for a lifetime.