A story of shopping, some traveling and much wining and dining.

The brave party assembled in Jotunsburg and after excellent negotiation session were given an exclusive warrant to clear the pass known as the Neck from bands of cowardly bandits that were assembling there.

Because of the perilous nature of the trip the party were given many valuable items and tokens of respect.

They then set off early the next day - after some last minute shopping.

Saddle sore and weary they arrived at their first lodgings - a inn run by Molnier. After an evenings spent entertaining the locals, we turned in happy in the knowledge we had brightened their dreary lives.

The ranger - Damir skillfully trapped some local wildlife, which was gratefully received by the local peasants.

The next day we traveled to the Neck an eponymsly named hamlet located near the pass. Here the local peasantry with open arms once more greeted us.

That evening was again spent at the inn meeting and greeting the local folk. Hanse Sloughfoot - a prominent racing identity and small businessman, who is the most intelligent and resourceful member of the party; noticed a suspicious character at the inn. Hanse listened as Sinjin engaged the suspect in conversation, apparently a 'farm labourer'.

When farmboy left the inn, Hanse cleverly slipped out after him and skillfully followed him to his residence - a depressing affair involving a shack located on a hill some 10 minutes outside town - which happened to be near a total of zero, nada, zip, zilch farms.

Hanse observed the suspect as he went about his business - which primarily seemed to involve loudly cutting wood late at night. Farmboy then went back inside. Hanse decided to...

To be continued...

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