Session 15 - The Dude

We waited a while hoping the guys would come back out, I also tried to view a particular scene by concentrating hard, - it seemed to work, but I started getting a headache.

At about this time the lad yelled from behind us - he's gone Father has gone. We turned around to see the boy halfway down the tunnel running away from us. "I don't like the look of this", but we must find the others. After sometime of fruitless effort Jeremy and the Ranger decided to stay at the mirror and we set off to find the boy and the old monk.

Sometime later - we saw what I feared - we found the boys body slumped on the ground with a knife wound. We look around - but the old monk was nowhere to be seen. We looked and looked but I had a sinking feeling we would never find him.

We went back to the mirror Jeremy was gone - the ranger said he went through a mirror trying to find the others. I remember this is how we got started here in the first place.

Then after some time Mumbles and Sing appeared from the mirror - with and old man in a cloak. The old guy - is it turns out a wizard - trapped in the mirror and trying to get out for years.

Well good ol' Mumbles and Sing rescued him and he was very appreciative of our help and he would send us back to where we game from. Well thats it then mission accomplished. What - what - please speak UP Mumbles. Oh Jeremy - well didn't you see him he went in after you. Oh, well I supose we had better get him. I think he went in the mirror with the building in flames. Mumbles bravely went into the buring mirror and emerged several minutes later with a singed Jeremy

The wizard suggested we look behind a door and low and behold a bunch of stuff - magic items and other stuff. Also with the items - the lovely jewellry case that I had picked up earlier. Well we returned to town with more gold than we could eat.

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