Session 1 - The Hole

It was nice being back in town - with 6 meals a day, only 1 sun rising in the morning and mirrors are simple, flat reflective things.

After some trading - we ended up with a lot less money that I had expected, I turned my mind to things pointy and sharp. One of the blacksmiths here had worked as a weaponsmith before and appeared to know what he was talking about.

We shook hands on and order for 4 daggers - as a rush job - they should be ready in a week. Mumbles also ordered some gear including a new sword, however he had to leave his one there so they could get the size and balance right.

Looking for something to do, we decided to visit the mine workings. This was a trip several hours up the river. Thorvald decided to stay behind - probably to catch up on some god bothering.

The trip up passed uneventually, when we got there the foreman said that a couple of miners had gone missing. Apparently the poor fools where last seen wandering up a hill overlooking the quarry. After we went, with one of the miners as a guid. One think I noticed, Mumbles looked decidedly twitchy without a sword....

Damir did a sterling job tracking at the top of the hill we stopped a had a look around, Damir said "Don't step back", I turned around and there was - hidden in some undergrowth a hole with a couple of scuff marks around it.

I was keen to have a look, as Sing said - if there is anything down there it has probably already ate them and is no longer hungry. Mumbles mumbled something about staying up top, I'm sure he isn't comfortable without a big sword.

Down I went, I could here a thing and could only see very little. The hole didn't appear to be natural - it went straight down but it was difficult to tell. About 30 feet down I reached a ledge. There appeared to be some bolts in the wall - where a rope could be tied but it all looked very old, also on the ledge appeared to be some bloody foot marks. I lit a lantern and continued down. About 120 feet later I finally reached the bottom.

I waited for the others, they soon shinned down the rope. We were in a cavern and there appeared to be an opening in one end. No sign of the miners, Damir thought he could seem some more bloody scuff marks.

A bit further along, Sing came across what he thought was a glowing blob, the bloody tracks appeared to head directly towards it. I had heard about some of these at the guild - a couple of guys saw one in a sewer once and it almost ate them.

Someone suggested burning it, Sing said he would give it a go but thought it prudent if he stood back. Just as well, the blob when up in a bright green explosion. Sing was still standing a bit close Singed as result.

All we found was part of a badly burnt boot, we collected it to take back. We continued wandering. The air wasn't too bad - it appeared the shaft we came down was an air duct.

We continued along and came to a large cavern. We appeared to be in a circular gallery level, some stairs lead to a level below us. Around the walls on our levels were a dozen or so little niches each with a very old pallet, locker and I think a chair, they were turning to dust but we decided to search all 12.

We went along a bit futher -and found another air shaft -this has to be dwarven work - the place down here is amazing. We backtracked to the gallery and went down the stairs, still no sign of life. There were 5 passages leading off - 4 of which were blocked - some rubble seemed fairly recent.

The one tunnel that wasn't completely blocked led up a dark passage full of stale air. At this point, seeing as it was nearing dinner time, we decided to head back.

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