Jotunsburg, and the valley of Jotuns\' Grind - 895 SA.

The valley of Jotuns\' Grind was founded by refugees over 150 years ago. It is a large glacial valley that reaches deep into the Big Spikey Mountains. The original inhabitants of the Grind are a large tribe of Barbarian Halflings; notoriously touchy, especially early in the morning. In spite of this, the human community of Jotunsburg has flourished. The valley is remarkably free of competition; no orcs, goblins, kobolds or other undesirables have ever been sighted. Thus, the mostly human population has thrived. High quality timber, excellent hunting, migratory herds, sulphur deposits, and some alluvial gold: these things have enriched all. Perhaps, though, the most valuable asset for the Grind, has been its\' remote location, and the uninhabited lands that surround it.

(An except from T.H.E.Gods\' \"The World - Looking Down from a Great Height and Speaking with Capitals\")

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