Session 7 - A couple too many Suns

I didn't believe it - we were able to get out of the place with our treasure intact, I only had a very nice jewellery set - the other had a lot more but if I get to hock this I will be very happy.

I stepped outside, and everything looked, smelled and felt wrong, I looked up - and oh boy - we were somewhere else. In the sky were 3 - count them 3 suns.

We emerged from the side of a cliff wall, looking up was some kind of fort, the top part of the dungeon. At this point we made a strategic move - we decided to sleep on it. Some of the magic users needed a rest and a couple! of the suns seemed to be setting.

A little while later it was quite dark. I decided to have a look around. I climbed up to the fort - there was a ledge - around 30 feet across which appeared to go all around the fort. There was a main gate - but no road going to it!

I crept around the fort - not making too much noise. A couple of times I could hear a guard, but couldn't overhear any conversations. I was almost all of the way around the when I saw what seemed to be an unused garbage chute in the site of the wall, around 15 feet up.

I then heard a sound that made my blood freeze, there was some slithering crawling creature out there. I ran, making a bit of noise for the others. When I found them they were ready to go.

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