Session 6 - Too much to carry

I managed to get Thorvald out of the pit - only got spotted once.

I then managed to find Jeremy - he had been hiding out here for quite a while, then a bit later Damir and Mumbles appeared in some of the pits.

Apparently the monks from the Abbey were left here in the pits and Jeremy helped to get them out.

The part that Jeremy hadn't scouted out led along one of the tunnels, we followed it and got to a door. I tried to hide (read fell while climbing) but fortunately no one came out.

In we went and found a lot of stairs - no I really mean a lot of stairs. We heard a couple of guards coming down towards us, then an alarm sounded and they started heading up the stairs. A bit of the way up we found Sing.

We followed them up. We found a couple of rooms coming of the stairs, the guys couldn't resist having a look - an guess what - a lot of treasure. Some probably from the abbey, most of it from other places.

I didn't like this one bit, I smelt a trap. I grabbed a very nice looking necklace set and tried to get the others out of there.

Eventually we headed upstairs, as you could guess we were making a lot of noise - gold, gems and jewelry all jingling together. Though they denied it I am sure the guys were moving slower - they certainly look bigger. Also curious, Sing didn't seem to be very interested in the treasure.

We headed upstairs and as I suspected reached a dead end. There was an eyehole at the top and Sing put his pet snake up to have a look. Apparently there were a couple of guards wandering around. I jimmied the eyehole so it is unusable and we started heading back downstairs.

The question is - will we get out of here with the stuff?

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