Of Elks and Lions - Session 2

Travelling from the village, the party follows the road towards the Keep. Sinjin, spying a mountain lion crouched amonst bushes, decides to practice his spells. He creates the roar of a mountain lion directly behind the poor creature, which panics and charges straight through the party in an effort to escape. The lion climbs over the top of Hanse, the halfling, and uses his face for traction. It leaps past him and runs straight onto Grumbles. Grumbles is, as usual, holding a large pointy weapon. Lion 0 - Barbarians 1.

As night approaches the party sets up camp off the road. During Grumbles watch Mr. Lion arrives to remonstrate with him concerning the recent death of his mate. Heated discussion. Lions 0 - Barbarians 2.

Later that night - Lyselle (monk) and Damir (ranger) set off to investigate some noises coming from the trail. Lyselle cant hear anything over the sound of Damir, off in the dark, tripping over tree roots in a cunning attempt to lure enemies towards him. Suprisingly it works, as a dark presence begins creeping up on Damir. Damir reconsiders his strategy and bolts up a tree. Seeing that Damir doesnt want to play any more, the dark presence reveals himself as an Elk (half orc, half elf), the Elk bows mockingly, and fades back into the night.

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