'Where did they come From?' - Session 7

Having cleaned out the nest of bandits in the small valley, the group set about counting their loot and cooking lunch. Damir being restless set off on a lone patrol. While crashing about in the woods he suddenly felt a chill on the side of his face. Throwing himself down on the ground, Damir quickly spun around. Behind him stood the Elk, Fafnir, dressed in black leather and raising a heavy sap for another attempt on Damirs skull. Fear charged his arms with skill no-one knew he possessed. Damir launched himself upon the dreaded Fafnir with a flurry of devasting blows. The shock on Fafnirs face read clearly, how could such a pitiful creature possibly beat him. Fafnir slumped to the ground with Damirs sword lodged in his ruined eye.

The party, reunited, makes its way to the road. The first merchants of the season find them there. Master Obal and his two feisty daughters, Vledda and Plek, in company with a wolf-trapper called Bam. The two girls take an immediate shine to the doll-like halfling Hanse (who's a cute little poppet) Sloughfoot. Master Obal tells the party of fighting goblins on the road. The groups join together for the journey back to the Neck.

When all reach the inn at the Neck safely, a fine celebration begins. The drink flows freely, the Obal girls pour their attention upon Hanse. A merry time is had by all.

In the depths of the night, fire and the sword come to the village and the inn. The travelers are roused to smoke and confusion. Bugbears and goblins are swarming through the village. Lyselle races around the building only to find herself facing a Bugbear and three goblins. Grumbles charge from the smoke towards the stables straight into six goblins. Sinjin runs to the other side of the Inn, another Bugbear and more goblins. The battle grows as the Obals and the rest of the party join in. Lyselle downs her Bugbear in a flurry of kicks and punches. Grumbles carves his way through goblins, wheat before the scythe. Vledda lies dying with a short sword jammed into her guts, Thorvald races to save her. Sinjin unleashes his most potent spell and ..... ... ... ......... ......., .. . ..... ..... ....... .. ...... (the preceding phrases have been censored at the request of the Party, having been deemed harmful to the group dynamic.)

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Thank God!! A hobgoblin camp up ahead! Maybe they can help heal our wounded!

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