The Inn of the Far Shore


The party wakes up in an inn. Everyone has lost their memory. Oh no, we must be in one of Grants' dungeons. Una, the mage, runs screaming out the door obviously unhinged by the prospect. She turns and casts a fireball! A loud explosion and the familiar smell of burning flesh. I think she must have forgotten about the swinging doors.

Una, the mage, suddenly appears from thin air at our table again. She runs screaming out into the night again. What was that she was screaming, it sounded like "Bloody cliched plot devices".

Yes we are at the Inn of the Far Shore, one of those mobile plot devices like the Tardis. We obviously need to discover what happened to our memories but shopping for magic items, as always, comes first. Once that is out of the way we soon discover that we have been at the Inn for some years working together as a party. The Inn being an interdimensional clearing house for dungeon adventures. The Barkeeper (Whatsisname) keeps a list of available missions, pick one and the Inn will drop us off.

So we pick a mission. The Gold Party has disappeared from a "nearby" town. Off we go.

We arrive at the town and gather information in our usual hap- hazard fashion and then set off on the trail. Up into the hills Damir the Tracker takes us. What do we find? A dead horse and a trap- door. The first thing we do as an experienced party is set off the trap. Insect Swarm! The weak hearted flee fast and far (Una and Trixie). The brave and stout-hearted dive forward and down into the tunnel. Norbert, the Dwarven cleric, stone-shapes the entrance closed behind us. He leaves a convenient handle on the new door for when the other two pluck up enough courage to return.

Down into the dark and dank tunnels we go. Spiders! Big spiders!

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Stupid things we've overheard...

I jump down into the river to see how deep it is.

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