The Inn of the Far Shore


Transcripts and anecdotes from The Inn of the Far Shore


Day 31 - Are we still here!!!?

Midnight comes and goes, Norton has his spells back and I succumb and remove the trap from the sepulchre... Norton and Rumbles step up and begin to strike off the copper bands – I leave the room... I notice that Oglala and Damir follow me out. Hhhhmmmmmm this was Oglala's idea after all. Four of the five bands are off now, Oglala heads back into the room as the fifth band is broken. A hissing sound comes from the sepulchre... poison gas is my guess.

Displacer Beast

Day 30 - Still

Rumbles peers through one of the archways while Oglala strolls through the other with total disregard for any possible consequence. Both of them find the same sort of room in size and style - well furnished bedrooms - however one looks like it’s been ransacked. The beds look comfortable and each room has a bureau, one of which has a broken mirror and what looks like an altar with an unlit brazier atop it. There is also a cowering Quth-Maren in each room which Rumbles kills.

Day 30 - Off again to Sith Morcaine

Day 30 - Off again to Sith Morcaine

We get back early – nifty... The mausoleum still looks as wrecked as we left it and front doors into the tunnel complex are open... 'They' immediately fall to bickering about whether we left them that way or not. Damir examines the ground and finds our tracks and a set of newer tracks.

The Graveyard

Day 30 - Home is where the bath is...

Finally a plan… After long days of negotiation and soul-searching it comes to pass that we’re going to do exactly what we planned on doing all along - go back to the tunnel complex and kill Drow - just like we were before we met Solom. Bertrand says he can move the Inn closer to where we need to go… so it’s arranged!! First thing tomorrow morning Bertrand will drop us at the Graveyard.

Ummm... an abduction

Day 25 through day 29 - Just Hanging About….

We sell our loot – buy some stuff, talk and............ wait.

A Nice Pair of Drow

Day 24 - Hey! It's a brand new day.... Finally

We wake to the sweet smell on a pot of tea...MMmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! The cottage vanishes - Banipal has a reccie to see where the army is... "What army?" I ask as he heads off…


Day 23 - The road goes ever on and on (doesn't it just...)

Banipal flies down after Rumbles and catches a glimpse of him vanishing into another hole. The far side of the crevasse is about forty feet away - a sheer cliff. Below us hangs an enormous web - the place is riddled with them - he comes back to join Norton in the body stripping!! They find a mithril breast-plate (fancy that); a masterwork glaive; masterwork short sword; a light crossbow with ten bolts and two potions. The other has a mithral shirt; a short sword; a masterwork mighty composite short bow with twenty five arrows; a cloak and two potions.

Drow House

Day 23 - And we're STILL there...

No traps... With Yuna to direct me I dig about in the piles and come up with magic leather armour; a buckler; masterwork rapier (not magic but nice); some screwed up parchment - I'll check that later; mithral shirt; rapier; large steel shield (not magic but we can probably sell it); a breast-plate (very "busty"); and a great axe (not as good as Rumbles').


Day 23 - Onward to Lord Randal Morns

We spend our last night at the Inn stocking up on Holy Water and other such 'Undead-Unfriendly' accoutrements then get some rest.

Demon, Blood Fiend

Day 22 - Splitters Reunite!

The next morning Norton and I go back to the Inn - we get there to find Damir and Rumbles breakfasting. Norton joins them and I grab a towel and head straight for the bath. Yuna's there... "Good... you're not dead!" I remark as I enter... she ignores me - it's to be expected... she obviously doesn't have a clue who I am... We soak silently for a while - get out and she predictably "blinks" back to her room (I presume) I go back to the common room.

Vampire Spawn

Day 21 - Banipal gets bored - SPLITTER!!!!!!!!

Damir and Rumbles leave early in the morning to go a-wandering. I stay on guard at the intersection of the path - still playing 'Bait' - and I think Yuna's still sleeping. I watched them leave together and head up the trail, away from where we camped. They don't have to go too far before they stumble onto (well almost) a body.

Black Lotus

Day 20 - part B

Rumbles and I guard the trail - we're the only ones who can see up it anyway - while Yuna sets up her magic impenetrable hut in the forest and then casts hallucinatory terrain so the forest appears exactly as it is but without the hut - none of us of course are disillusioned.

Red Dragon

Day 20 - we're here for a while, let's plan...

We corner Bertrand and see what information we can get out of him... apparently he can scry a bit out of his specific "area" so we could set up an ambush.... I'd make a lovely bit of bait but apparently once I set foot on his turf he can cut me off and keep me there. So we get Bertrand to scry out the area to make sure all's clear then we head off to the fork in the path...


Day 19 continued - It's been a long day.

Trudge, trudge, trudge.... We wend our way through the forest companionably bickering amongst ourselves when WHUMPF.... a fireball!

Dire Rat

Day 19 continued - some more.

I finish searching the room with the chest; I've looked everywhere and found nothing - I can't believe it!!! Nothing!! What sort of thieves are these... pretty damn poor I'd say!! In a huff I exit via the door Norton opened and into a room with the ladder leading to the roof. Apart from Damir there's just four plain wooden chairs and a small table in centre of room - two doors lead out - one leading back he way I came. I open the other - The 12'x25' room would have been dominated by a bed if the gaping; still smoking; hole in the wall wasn't there. I search - there's a wardrobe, a bed and some small side tables.


Day 19 - Eight Days later

We finally left the Inn in the morning eight days later and followed Bertrand's directions through the forest and out onto rolling hills. It's early spring, which makes a nice change from the icy blasts of winter we'd just left.

Day 11 - Back again... again...

Back at the Inn having fed and bathed and had a bite to eat, I returned to the Inns main room to find the rest of the party seemed to still be drinking. There was a strange monk at the table... Yes I know - all monks are strange! This one apparently is called Banipal (it's horrible the things some parents do to their children) and he's signed on to replace 'our' dead Hoo.... so to speak.


The rest of - Day 10 - A Decision!! HA!!

While all this has been happening, Damir has ventured into the great cavern entrance to see what's happening and Norton draws anti-Giant graffiti (sigils) in the doorway then he melds into the stone itself to wait. Rumbles finds Hoo his whimsical Barbarian sense humor makes him prop the dead Monk and 'Zombie-walks' him out to Damir. Together they haul the body up to where Yuna waits and pack it in the snow. Norton decides to wait till we get back to the Inn before bringing him back to life - he's even been contemplating a Speak with Dead to ensure Hoo actually wants to come back to life.... You never know.


Day 10 - A Decision!! HA!!

I arrive at breakfast to find Damir seriously, though futility, attempting to explain to Rumbles, in great and graphic detail why the Battle of Agincourt took place.... Rumbles kept leading him on with ridiculous questions and showing no sign of ever having heard any of this before. By the time I grew seriously bored and broke it up Damir was onto Joan of Arc - can you believe it??

Norton and his ale

Day 9 - Hmmmmm but how much is it if...

Back at the Inn and how predictable is this..... Rumbles heads off to drink (...fancy!) Norton joins him (a drinking Dwarf... Again I say 'fancy!'), Hoo races off to Ye Olde Magik shoppe to see of his order is in; I think he's after Boots of Speed (as if he needs to be faster) Damir also has money he just can't wait to spend and so he too heads off.


Day 8 - which way do we go???

We wake the next morning to the smell of rotting Delver wafting through the window and the sound of someone knocking on the door!!!


Day 7 - and we're off

After a good nights sleep and a decent breakfast we're off again, this time apparently to 'get rid of' Bhishana Bhaga a magic user whose taken over the Gnomish mine at the foot of the great mountain in GnomeTown.


Day 6 - Back again

We went our way home - or at least to the Inn of the Far Shore and found Damirs marker without any trouble... but there are two paths now. Rumbles and I are the only ones that can see it though - maybe the others are just blind idiots.

Day 5 - Talking with the dead

After a non-eventful evening in Yunas fabulous portable bunker, we woke. Norton, having prayed mightily now has a few Speak with Dead spells; we settled down to question the dead thief Winfield and the remains of the transformed cleric Sophie.

Day 4 - Midnight

We sat around and talked in the safety of Yunas little metal cottage. Yuna seemed to be the only one able to sleep as Damir's still rolling round the floor, grunting through the gag and trying to get back to the bloody altar.


Day 4 - Finally.... off

Up at the crack of 8:00am to stumble downstairs to breakfast. Pity there's not enough time for a bath but the others insist on getting an early start. Yuna refused to get up even though I went upstairs and yelled through her door so we left anyway.

Day 3 - Finding Yuna

Up at the crack of 10am... Damir was downstairs, I think he'd eaten. The others were nowhere to be seen - I assumed they were shopping (and they dare to say women are bad!)

Day 2 - The Far Shore Inn

Slept well and went down to the inns main room for breakfast. The others were down already and gathered again at the table we were at last night. The food here is pretty good, it's all quite civilised.

Day 1 - Confused headache; no shakes; no pain... fuzzy memory, slightly woozy.... very strange


The Inn of the Far Shore

The party wakes up in an inn. Everyone has lost their memory. Oh no, we must be in one of Grants' dungeons.

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