Day 10 - A Decision!! HA!!


I arrive at breakfast to find Damir seriously, though futility, attempting to explain to Rumbles, in great and graphic detail why the Battle of Agincourt took place.... Rumbles kept leading him on with ridiculous questions and showing no sign of ever having heard any of this before. By the time I grew seriously bored and broke it up Damir was onto Joan of Arc - can you believe it??

I mentioned being interested in the "Haunted Abbey" task so, over breakfast, we asked Bertrand for more details. Apparently, ages ago in the fen country a group called the Band of the Black Veil, led by the charismatic and mysterious Molly McTinker and peopled by a bunch of her relatives, took over Ramshorn Abbey and drove out it's inhabitants. Why?? I wonder, not liking to interrupt Bertrand now he's in full swing...The people of Fiore and their local Lord seem to have been pretty dim, they failed to recognise a single member of the Band simply because they wore masks. (...and no one recognises Superman when he's wearing his Clarke Kent glasses) The Band broke up the system of dykes and ditches that kept the land drained and flooded the entire area. Why?? Again I ask myself... no one else seems interested. Bertrand drones on...

Soon the Abbey was an island in the midst of a marsh infested by Trolls - From where?? Sorry, I just can't help myself - and bearing an evil reputation as a place where the restless dead prowl. (NOTE TO SELF: 'Restless Dead' sounds like a good name for a band) Several parties have gone into the fens and returned with tales of gold and jewels (NOTE TO SELF: Just how gullible are these people cause I have this Bridge ...) Of course no actual gold and jewels were brought back - or at least I don't recall hearing Bertrand mention them, and I think I would have noticed!! Fortune hunters went into the fens and sought the treasure. They were never seen again. It's said the ghost of Molly McTinker haunts the abbey and on moonlit nights she can be seen staring at the place her treasure is hidden............ Oooooooo.... What a strange, disjointed tale and seemingly without point! And the Frost Giants...

"Aaah yes," says Bertrand... "The Frost Giants... In days of yore when Giants ruled huge tracts of land and lived in caverns dug into the side of mountains..."

What you need to remember is that now-days Giants are just rabble with delusions of grandeur but every so often an annoying one rises to rally all the others. Of course this has happened - a Giant called Gungir has claimed a title that hasn't been used for years. What was it? I hear you ask.. Bertrand didn't say and I didn't like to ask. Anyway Gungir's been encouraging his followers to raid the surrounding areas to finance their grand plans and further their evil schemes. The worst part seems to be that some woman (with more money than sense) had a patent of nobility travelling with the caravan which was stolen in the raid.... While she doesn't give a hoot about the people who may have been killed she seems quite anxious about the patent. Humans are such strange things. Oh well, she's willing to pay us to retrieve it.

Which way do we go? Which way do we go? Norton and Damir seemed to be leaning toward the Abbey until they heard about all the water! Marsh isn't REAL water, though I must say in Norton’s case I understand Dwarves in full plate mail just don't float... So, Frost Giants it is. We stock up on woollies, Bertrand points us in the right direction and we're off.... again....Through the forest and out into the other world; wherever that may be. We trudge on - it's starting to snow. I'm glad we chose not to bring horses! And BRRRRrrrrr it's really getting chilly - we trudge further.

"Do we know where we're going?" asks Damir.

Of course we don't - we've never asked that question before.

We spy a column of smoke a short way off so we head in that direction - after more long, cold, hard trudging we come in sight of a huge archway carved into the side of the mountain, leading away into darkness. Great! a big tunnel... The smoke is issuing from a fissure further up the mountain - maybe a chimney. A wide road, covered in frozen Frost Giant footprints leads to the arch. The others wait while I move a bit closer, close enough to see the arch is worked stone but I can't tell whether it's worked with figures or runes of something else - the whole thing's obscured by ice. I return to the others who agree an obvious frontal attack is out of the question - I breathe a sigh of relief and thank my Gods for small mercies. Rumbles builds a snow-cave; he insists he has some facility for it. I sit and listen to the others debate what to do next.

We spend some time arguing over strategy - we were going to chuck snow down the chimney, hide and see who or what comes out - and how many. The thought; I believe; was to get Yuna to charm whatever came out but then someone - I can't recall who - suggested that wouldn't work because Giants don't understand 'common' and therefore couldn't be charmed. From here the argument veered into a debate as to whether Giants are classed as humanoid. Next thing, Rumbles and Hoo are bickering over who's literate and who was meant to write down what information when they checked the Inns library for data on Frost Giants. Things started getting heated - fingers are pointed and voices raised.... To change the subject I suggest we might try to hide our tracks... at present even a blind Frost Giant could follow our trail.

We spent quite a while trying (they're SO easily distracted) but it didn't seem to work very well. Norton got peeved with the whole affair and decided to run round all over the whole area, leaving only a labyrinthine maze of Dwarf tracks. Yup! That ought to confuse them. Having got that out of his system, he went with Hoo up the mountain to the chimney - we'd hit on a sort of plan and thought it best get on with it before anyone found a reason to argue... When I'm in position I signal them, then turn invisible. Hoo and Norton dump a pile of snow down the chimney then nip back to cover. We wait. We wait some more. We wait for half an hour. I get bored and cold and I'm starting to get stiff... best move now rather than freeze - I creep up to the arch. Up close it's covered with scenes of Giants battling great creatures of old but it's so worn it's hard to distinguish. The work is quite delicate; not what I would have expected from Giants. I enter cautiously, it's dark, not that it matters. I creep along, quieter than a cat till I get to the end of the tunnel. I peer in - it opens into a sort of Grand Hall cave-thingy with a ceiling that's easily 30' high. I chuck in a hankie with a light spell on it and a small pebble in it as a weight. The cave's really big... and empty and it looks like the back wall has crumbles. There are openings to the left and right near the rear of the cavern. I pause and listen... nothing....I sneak in and in the very act of bending to pick up my hankie, I spot a Giant leaning against the wall. He looks like he's asleep but even as I watch, he opens his eyes, blinks and stares at the well-lit hankie lying on the floor. (Hard to miss it really) He walks over - looks at it - prods it - picks it up and looks around. Good thing I'm invisible. I creep out of the room into the tunnel and back the way I came. The Giant wanders to the tunnel mouth and follows me - or at least comes this way too. I let him pass. He stands at the mouth of the tunnel and looks around; of course he can't see anything. He starts to head back the way he came. I almost let him pass. When he's a little way away I miaow faintly; he stops.. I miaow again. He comes back to the tunnel mouth and looks around outside again - I throw a small rock across the tunnel mouth in the hope of luring him out where I can dispose of him without alerting every Giant in screaming distance but no luck - he quickly heads back down the tunnel and I take a circuitous route back to the snow-cave and let everyone know what's happened.

Meanwhile Hoo's gotten bored and climbed down the chimney while Norton stands watch. It's a very tight fit AND he's climbing blind. The further he goes the tighter it gets - and tighter and tighter. After half a lifetime of climbing, Hoo spies a faint red glow - probably a fire.. He climbs even further and comes up against a metal grate seemingly set into the rock of the chimney. He gives it a shake; a tug; tests it to see if he can move it or find latches or hinges or something.... but no luck, it's made of half inch thick cast iron bars that not even Rumbles could move... Hhhhhhmmmmmmm.... Is he stuck??? He hears noises from below.. mutterings and mumblings but not clear enough for him to hear what is being said. He hangs there like a big monk-shaped bat. Doubtless he's blocking the draft of someone’s fireplace. He waits - the glow intensifies, it gets warmer and it's starting to get a little smoky too. Poached Monk is not a tasty dish and a stuffed chimney will eventually raise suspicions - Hoo goes gaseous and wafts down the chimney. He finds himself in a kitchen where a female Frost Giant's waving her arms, swatting at all the smoke and muttering and swearing about the bloody fire....though it seems to be clearing now - wonder why??!! A pair of torches illuminate the room which reeks of stale food, there are filthy pots and serving trays with rotting leftovers strewn about the place. The Giantess is stomping round - still swearing about the fire - while she mangles the food (that's food... I don't think so!) it looks like she's cooking (and I use the term loosely) for quite a few. Slouching uselessly up against one of the Kitchen walls are a couple of ogres. Hoo wafts under the next door and into the pantry - YUK!!!! It's a disgusting smelly mess, there are spilled barrels of ale on the floor; half eaten carcasses hanging from the ceiling beams and other, even more unwholesome objects lurking in corners and underfoot. He drifts under the small closed door to the rear of the room - if you thought the pantry was a mess.... this is a garbage dump!! There are scraps and bones and cobwebs and muck...Hoo wafts on through to the dining room, probably mess hall would be a better description where a couple of Ogres are sitting eating at one of the tables. (Ogres really will eat anything).

Two tunnels lead out of this room - flipping a metaphysical coin he drifts down the one that doesn't lead outside. He floats past two Frost Giants heading back the way he's come, they don't notice him and he wafts onward. The tunnel he's in is just about pitch dark and while he can't see a thing he can smell.... wet dog?! He can faintly see a shape ahead, about the size of a small pony. The wet dog smell is stronger and he prudently decides NOT to continue that way, besides his potion of gaseous form only lasts a little while longer so he drifts back the way he came, through the pantry, into the kitchen and back up the chimney to where Norton; nearly blue by now; is waiting.

Back in the snow-cave I sip tea made by Yuna and listen while the rest bicker - they pause, drink some more tea and... bicker (Is there any reason I travel with these people??) Rumbles, easily bored, volunteers to go exploring up the other side of the complex. Thoughtfully Yuna turns him invisible and Norton makes him silent and off he goes a-wandering. At the archway he spies two Giants lurking in the shadows and more at the end of the tunnel, near the entrance to the Great Cavern area. Rumbles speedily and silently runs past them - they notice him not!! At the tunnel where I spotted the Giant before, another (or perhaps the same one) is hiding round the corner. Yet another enters the main room, speaks briefly to one of the hidden Giants then heads down the tunnel and out through the arch. From our vantage point above we see him looking round - obviously he's hopeless as he doesn't spot a thing!! Meanwhile Rumbles is sneaking and exploring - He sneaks really well now he's silenced. Past the hiding Giant he stalks and down the tunnel until it ends in a T-intersection. The tunnel is short with two doors and an open doorway - Rumbles heads to the open arch and has a look inside. This room appears to be an armoury with a meagre collection of arms - he snaps the remaining spears then places them carefully back in the racks - he goes back up the corridor and stops at the middle door. There's someone in there - he can tell by the moving shadows under the door. He waits for a while but as no one comes out, he moves on. He finds a sleeping area with pallets of mouldy clothes piled higgledy-piggledy on the floor - nothing interesting here; spends a little more time outside the remaining door but as he can still see light and moving shadows under the door he refrains and goes back into the Great Cave area. He crosses it and heads to where Hoo said he smelled wet dogs... Having Dark-Vision, Rumbles can see much better than Hoo - it's a Winter Wolf. Rumbles stops and carefully backtracks... The Wolf lifts its head and sniffs around, it's caught his scent (but you don't need any special skills for that!) and follows him back up the tunnel. In the torch light ahead Rumbles sees another shape and this one is REALLY big.. Even though there's a Winter-Wolf behind him, he approaches this new obstacle with caution - Not that he has many choices. As he comes closer he can see that it's a seven-headed Hydra... His choices are not getting better - he turns and takes the only tunnel left. While his attention was on the Hydra, the Winter-Wolf had been joined by several more - one of which is close enough to take a snap -it's teeth meet in the air - it misses and Rumbles leaps through the only opening left and into a room.

He pauses and looks around, there's a large stone throne, an altar and a couple of Giants, one of which is sitting on the throne. Still invisible, Rumbles whips out his vorpal blade and Whoosh! Off goes its head! He's getting rather good at this decapitation lark! The downside is that he's visible now! In a blur of continuous motion, Rumbles turns and uses his Great Cleave against the remaining and terribly surprised Giant who'd been talking to the one on the throne a split second before its head went spinning across the floor - to say he's caught flat footed would be an understatement. Rumbles hacks at him while he is still confused but only damages him. At the same time, the Winter-Wolves spill into the room and attack.... Rumbles kills one outright but there are at least four more, plus the Giant. They throw themselves at him, he swings and spins - there's blood everywhere but there's too many of them; they bring him down! He struggles to his feet again and bolts - leaping the ravening pack he races for the exit and he's outta there!!!! Being a Barbarian one would thought he'd have known better but seemingly not..... he heads straight back to the snow-cave, and the rest of us.

Fortunately the howling of the Winter-Wolves alerted us well in advance. We raced out to see what all the fuss was; all we could do was gawk as he brought the whole vicious baying, bloody pack right to us. Torn and ragged Rumbles collapsed at Norton’s feet, Norton heals him and Damir pours healing potions down his throat. We hear a distant baying.... it sounds much closer.

Hoo pops out quickly to survey the damage - streaming up the hill are about eight pissed off Frost Giants and half a dozen Winter-Wolves...... Hoo takes off toward the Giants. The rest of us just stand there for a moment thinking 'Bugger!' As he runs he's yelling and taunting the Giants, trying to lead them away - two Giants lumber after him - they're quite ungainly in comparison. I turn invisible and sneak my way in behind the tail-end-charlie Giant - It's Back-stabbing time! While Hoo leads his Giants further away from the party, Norton casts a spell and airwalks above the mob heading straight for the foremost Giants. Yuna casts her Rainbow Pattern at the Wolves - it worked well with the Delver. Three wolves stop in their tracks and just stare at the pattern - the others keep on coming.

Norton flings a fireball into the midst of the Giants. WHUMPH!! Rumbles and Damir loose their weapons and start shooting fire arrows into the approaching wolves. They manage to "off" one wolf and wound a couple more. Hoo cunningly lets his Giants close - then attacks. Whack, whack, kick, whack - the Giant staggers but isn't down yet...

Still, it wasn't half bad for an attack without a weapon... The Giants turn on him and swing their enormous axes... fortunately (though not terribly surprisingly) they miss!! Hoo whacks into them again, and again they miss him totally! Must be a tad dispiriting... I close with the Giant I was following and, having studied him carefully, delicately insert a long knife into a vital organ. The Giant drops and I become visible. Good average so far - One for one!! Ah, well - that's what Assassins do!! "Don't even think about it..." I snarl at the remaining Giant as it turns to stare at me. It ignores my warning and whacks me, sending me staggering but I recover and stab it in the leg with my knife!

Another Giant rips off a chunk of rock and chucks it at Norton who's doing notable damage with his Fireballs. The boulder sailed past, arcing gently and totally missed him... Norton throws another fireball in return...

Meanwhile Yuna is facing off a Giant all by herself - Maybe I was right at the beginning, perhaps she REALLY is insane. She backs up a bit - the Giant follows; she backs away further; it still follows; she casts a fireball in its face... that seemed to work well. I paused to wipe some of the blood out of my eyes and have a quick look round... A glance is enough to show that things are getting ridiculous...

Rumbles and Damir are flying round the battlefield on a Hippogriff (wherever did they find it?) dropping rocks and stuff on (mostly) Giants. Sometimes it's like travelling with a circus! I flinch slightly as Norton hurls a few more fireballs at his lot - it's getting a bit stinky with all this charred Giants. 'My' Giant hit me again while I was temporarily distracted, I hit him back - with poison but the lucky bastard saved.

I summon Ermendalah my obsidian nightmare and mount. At one end of the fighting Hoo's still beating the living daylights out of Giants with his bare hands; flurry after flurry of blows - he drops another one. There's a sharp, stabbing pain in my back and I hear the unmistakable sound of Damir -


Frigging Ranger!! He shot me in the back with a fire-arrow. Oh well, I WAS warned. At least he shot the rest of his arrows at the Giants... HHHMMmmmm.... I'll remember that!!

Norton, having run out of Fireballs, cast a Flame Strike at the two Giants he's been terrorising (it's a Dwarf/Giant thing I think) The sensible one runs away - the other is fried. I have one last attack on the remaining of my two Giants, then go ethereal or at least Ermendalah does and takes me with her.... Another couple of really good hits like the last two would pretty much do for me.

Ethereally Emmy and I take a gentle waft, once around the battlefield, musing at the antics of my compatriots when without warning, Hoo's pole-axed by a couple of lucky hits from the last of his Giants - Shit! He falls like he's dead!! I teleport to where he lay; poignantly regretting the lost opportunity to go through his pockets, I feed him an extra healing potion... I know, I know... It sounds all wrong, but it's such fun watching him find traps by simply walking into them. He splutters and mutters something that sounds suspiciously like an oath. He's conscious now and can heal himself a bit more - enough be safe and stable till Norton covers the distance and heals him up to full strength. While he's at it Rumbles steps up for his share of healing and so on with the rest of us. Looking round it seems Norton and Yuna are the only ones who got through that unscathed....though I seem to be the only one shot by one of our own!

Damir and Rumbles leap back onto the Hippogriff and take off after one of the fleeing Giants. Yuna chucks a lightning bolt at the other which is racing down the mountain toward the caverns. The demented Monk leaps up - obviously feeling much better now he's healed - and chases the fleeing Giant but before he can catch up it drops stone dead.

Hoo's fast but not quite as fast as Yuna's lightning... He skids to a stop, looks a tad disappointed and comes racing back after the Giant Damir and Rumbles have been chasing - idiot! He's so fast that he actually beats them to it and flogs it to death before they can get there.

I call Ermendalah, mount and we take to the air, circling above the battlefield to do a reccie. We watch as Yuna turns to fry those wolves still hypnotised by her Rainbow Pattern - she walls them into a fiery circle and closes it slowly. From where Emmy and I are, some distance above the ground, I can hear them scream as they burn. Hoo, possibly suffering brain damage from his recent brush with death, turns in his tracks and races back across the mountain to the entrance to the caves. Perhaps he intends to attack single handed but no.. sensibly he pauses at the entrance to peer around. Emmy and I spiral slowly down to where Yuna stands alone.

We make tea and while we sip we go over the bodies... the Giants aren't worth much, we get 10 bloodstones (worth 50gp) and 4 potion bottles - all strong healing. The wolves are an altogether better trawl...six Winter-Wolf collars set with bloodstones - each worth 1,000gp.

The rest of the rabble caught up with Hoo at the entrance. They pause for a moment - perhaps to think about what they mean to do (or that may just be wishful thinking on my part) In the end they decide to let Hoo go into the cave complex and see if there are any traps (I told you it was fun to watch - I'm obviously not the only one who thinks so) Having let Hoo cover a fair bit of ground without anything exploding, the others follow - they head up the corridor that led to the Hydra - it hears (or perhaps smells) them and roars lunging to the length of it's chain. Without warning, the kitchen door swings open and three Giants armed with axes leap into the corridor behind the party.

Ambushed by Giants eh!!! Who'd have thought?!

Hoo hurls his Gem of the Elemental, it smashes on the floor and out of the shards rises a large fire elemental.... That ought put the wind up the Frost Giants. The elemental crashes forward into the Giants, they clash and there's a hiss of steam.

Norton casts a Searing Light which damages but doesn't quite blind them. To the front of the party Rumbles shoves past the table one of the Giants had thrown at Norton and has a hack, Damir pushes into the fray and flails about with his sword - he's getting better at this and hits it an alarming number of times.. The Giant sags but recovers. The Giants attack and Rumbles really takes a thrashing, desperately injured he turns invisible and retreats.

Having used all his Fire-balls in the previous battle, Norton casts a Spark Shower which rains electricity on the Giant attacking him; while singed, they don't seem phased.

Things are looking grim...Hoo and Rumbles are seriously hurt - don't know why I bothered risking my reputation by saving him in the first place - racing in without a reccie was a seriously dumb idea and I never thought they'd do it... Ah well...... In a last-ditch attempt to disengage, Hoo tumbles backward away from his attackers and under one of the huge feasting tables, at least he's safe for a moment.

Norton has cast an obscuring column of mist which enfolds him and makes everything within a 15' radius invisible. Damir takes a swing at the Giant pressing him and he too withdraws into Norton’s mist. Another Giant destroys Hoo’s elemental.. it was good while it lasted; yet another tries to smash the table apart with his axe but fumbles and his weapon sticks in the wood. Hoo takes the opportunity to crawl into the cover of the mist and drinks a couple of Potions of Healing.

A fourth Giant strides across and pokes his axe wildly into the column of mist - he misses everything except the mist. Another Giant steps right into the mist, flailing its weapon wildly. If they can get enough Giants into the mist they'd probably kill each other. Above the fray, Norton emerges from the mist and starts crawling across the ceiling.

Meanwhile Rumbles has been sculling Potions of Healing and much restored, he returns to the room. Still invisible, he finds a temporary safe haven in one corner, casts darkness on a small pebble and cries "Run to the Darkness... Run to the Darkness!"

Now, this may put some people off but not us....Damir makes a break from the mist as fast as his boots of speed allow he bolts toward the soft darkness. An axe flashes up blindly stabbing through the mist missing Norton by mere inches - it would have been a damn lucky hit if it got him.

Fast as his little Ranger feet can carry him, Damir's across the room, out the door, down the tunnel and out into the snow. Norton tries to break free of the melee by crawling across the roof... Some stupid Giant takes a poke at him with a table... it misses.... he crawls on.

Two Giants run off, either to chase Damir or to block their exit. Hoo, having guzzled a few potions and feeling much better, pokes his nose out of the mist to have a look around and finds a Giant right in front of him - Hoo leaps from the mist and whacks him - hard! Now that's a surprise. Norton's finally made it to the exit, but to get through he has to come into range of one of the Giants; Rumbles makes a break for it, taking his area of Darkness with him.. effectively he's running blind; mid-stride he extinguishes the Darkness and turns invisible using his magic ring. He runs, he dodges...this is MUCH better than football... He's almost out!! A couple of Giants are swinging wildly in the hope of hitting Hoo; it seems a forlorn hope. Hoo flings himself at a nearby Giant and, in an absolute fury, pulps it with his bare fists, stomping it to a bloody mess on the stone..... Norton manages to slip past his Giant, taking a hit as he goes but he's out now and rises above the Giants.

Rumbles, moving as quietly as he can, moves past his Giant and stands quietly in the entrance - Hoo's the only one left. He throws himself at the remaining Giant and slaps it round the head - it staggers slightly stunned but rights itself. Rumbles casts Darkness again and strolls slowly out the archway... a big black blob strolling slowly across the snow.

Damir's finally come into view - Ermendalah sees him, lands and alerts me. I mount and we fly up to see what we can see. Other than Damir and the meandering Darkness, there's not much to see. Damir's a bit bloody... He pauses to tell me the rest are still inside and in a bad way - I leave him quaffing Healing Potions and while Emmy and I spiral down toward the entrance. As I come closer, Norton rises out of the Darkness.

"What that?" I yell, pointing at the Dark.

"Rumbles," He yells... Figures...

"Where's Hoo?" I yell.

Norton shrugs. "Lost sight of him in the Dark."

I spiral over the Dark - "You in there?" I yell - silence!

Suddenly the Dark dissipates - I can't see Rumbles but I can see three Giants - one pulls a boulder from the mountain to throw. I laugh as he looses his grip and drops the boulder on his head. He chucks another at me for laughing, I dodge and it only grazes me.

From behind them, back up the mountain Damir fires a volley of arrows into one of the Giants - it turns and hurls a few boulders at him to retaliate. I drop a few darts of gas injected Purple Worm poison - they hit!!! Whoo Hoo... That'll loose him some strength -

Ermendalah and I circle upward putting a bit more distance between us and those pesky boulders. Damir keeps plugging away with the arrows and dodging incoming boulders. The Giant I've hit must be feeling fairly sickly, it's buggered off back inside. I dodge a few boulders and drop a few more darts, this time of using the poison 'DeathBlade' - unfortunately I miss - BUGGER!! Eventually - between Damir and I we harry the Giants back inside. I fly over to Norton...

"whaddya reckon??" I ask.

"No idea!" he shrugged... "They must still be inside."

"Idiots!" I snarl "I'm going ethereal and going in to have a look round."

Emmy and I fly up to the chimney - Ermendalah, darling that she is, goes ethedreal and takes me with her. We waft down into the kitchen. I hear a thud from outside - probably Giants throwing rocks at Norton. I listen....nothing. We step through the wall into the dining area... Nothing there but mist, we step into the mist but can't see anything.. it seems like a bit of a waste really, I can hear something in there but it can't hear me, so even if it is Rumbles or Hoo, I can't communicate with them till they can see me.... I think we'll have a look round for some Giants to frighten.

I find one near the entrance in the great cavern area - he's the one lobbing rocks at Norton. I ride up to him and make ghostly moves... the Giant pales. Ermendalah rears up, breathing fire. To the Giant we appear as a raging flaming apparition - he flees. Good! Now we can follow him. Back across the room he goes, through the dining room and up the corridor... I can see a body up ahead... Whoops.... found Hoo - He's dead. Oh well, nothing I can do about that, so I leave him there - at least I know where he is now. I follow the fleeing Giant. He races up the corridor toward the room where Rumbles decapitated the Giants leader. Ho hum, Ermendalah and I go through the wall and investigate what's on the far side of the room. One of the corridors is blocked with rubble - we waft through it a bit but it appears fairly solid - maybe a cave-in?! The other corridor hides a wealth of opportunity - it's very long with doors leading off either side. Possibilities...

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