Journal Entry 2 – Men About Town

We decided to meet Lord Mendain to see what he might want of us.

But before that we looked through the town, as we set off, there was a strange popping sound, our bard had changed… he introduced himself as Cacofonix… this town is stranger and stranger.

We decided to meet at the market square, opposite the Lord’s keep.

Willie and I headed back down via the docks and up a side street, the others - Krudd, Thorval and Cacofonix by the main street. A range of shops were seen including a smallish magic shop, which did not look in any way like this:

Not the Magic Shop

Not the Magic Shop

At the market square was a well appointed tavern, the Donbass, we noted it for follow up later.

Into the Keep, once more, we met Berta in the ante room and asked to see the Lord. Cacofonix made polite conversation and arranged, could I call it a date? We then met the Lord, a dark skinned half elf, perhaps late 30s, though as a half elf most likely older. He was wearing robes, perhaps a spell monger?

It appears they have problems with pirates. Two small trading vessels are missing, in addition there have been 3 sightings of schooners, possibly the same, single ship or 3 different ones.

The Lord has tasked us with a Pinnace, called the Anlee, captained by Zeph to patrol south and investigate.

Know your vessels





We arranged to meet that evening at the Donblas; perhaps Cacofonix might give a performance. I spent the afternoon exploring to the south of the town, past the docks. From the headland I could view the ocean and the large river to the south, The Fetch. The sea beyond the river mouth was brown from the river flow. Beyond the river was a rich verdant jungle.

Later that evening Cacofonix gave a not uncreditable performance at the inn. It was a harder audience than islander fishwives.

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