The Mosquito Coast

Mosquito Coast... the mozzies, they be big, level 13 mozzies…

(Nothing to do with the book, the movie or the TV series).

Journal Entry 5 - Krudd Got Drunk

We continued the observation of the Pirates, and prepared a plan to further scouting the base, noting that Willie also has Boot a la Wings.

Journal Entry 4 – Dawn Patrol

We put our carefully laid plan into action. Before dawn Cacofonix set-off to fly towards the plume of smoke seen the previous evening.

Journal Entry 3 – Under Sail

We retired to the Salt and Pepper tavern, and planned arrangements for the night.

Journal Entry 2 – Men About Town

We decided to meet Lord Mendain to see what he might want of us.

Journal Entry 1 – The Mendain Campaign

Following the successful conclusion of our glorious campaign in The Kingdom of Del Aran, we prudently decided not to sojourn in the capital - Del Mara, and head for the south - Del Sud.

… We had to pay a boy to take our bags!

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